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(The following is from dailykos.com contributor Bill In Portland Maine)

"Suck it."

To Rush Limbaugh, who said "I hope he fails" on inauguration day: Suck it. He didn't.

To the birthers, whose claims about Barack HUSSEIN Obama's "questionable" citizenship were nothing but racism cloaked in concern-trollery: Suck it. He's a two term Kenyan president now.

To Mitch McConnell, who said his #1 goal was to make Barack Obama "a one-term president": Suck it, turtleman. #44 is #44 for another 4.

To John Boehner, who as House minority leader yelled "Hell NO you can't!" to Obama's first-term agenda: Suck it. Hell YES he could!

To former South Carolina senator and tea party organizer Jim DeMint, who said the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act would be "Obama's Waterloo": Suck it. It so wasn't.

To the tea party idiots who hoisted signs at their Obamacare protest rallies that read, "Bury Obamacare with Ted Kennedy": I'd rather bury your ideas with Reagan. Suck it, jerks.

To Mitt Romney, who ran the most classless and bullshit-dense campaign of any presidential candidate in my memory: Here's something you can scrawl on your Etch-A-Sketch: S-U-C-K-I-T.

To Dick Cheney, who said America would be less safe under Obama: sir, the attacks of 9/11/01---and there were four of them---happened on your watch. Obama killed bin Laden and there were no al Qaeda attacks on American soil. So suck it. Right after you take a remedial gun-safety course.

To all those ignorant fools who called Barack Obama a Muslim, a Kenyan and/or a socialist as if those are all inherently and self-evidently "bad" things: grow the fuck up. Right after you suck it.

To Sean Hannity, Karl Rove and Dick Morris: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!! Suck it.

To the Wall Street banksters, who….. who….. hell, I can't even begin to write the words that describe your obscene, cold-hearted, destructive, greedy and soulless behavior over the past four years. Just suck it.

To all the governors and state legislatures that tried their damndest to rig election laws so they favored Romney over Obama: Suck it. All you did was ensure that voters were more committed than ever to making sure their votes were counted.

And to President Barack Hussein Obama, who withstood all the slime, slop and sleaze that the conservatives' political, financial and media catapults could hurl at him:

Carry on. Congratulations. And enjoy your day.



rage against redbox
One of the best things about Redbox is that you can reserve a movie ahead of time online. That way it only takes a couple of seconds to retrieve your DVD, an especially imporant technique during inclement weather. If you're not using Redbox in this manner then you are a waste of otherwise good RNA.

As good as this sytem is it has failed me lately. For the second week in a row I've reserved a copy of a movie only to be told that it wasn't available at the chosen kiosk. The actual message I've received is that there's something wrong with my credit card, which is puzzling as it was clearly debited. I think the message should actually be "Sorry, no one's perfect. There's no telling where your DVD is so give us a call and we'll attempt to mollify you with a few free rentals."

I now have six free rental codes and I'll probably never use them. You know how it is. The Redbox offers one movie you really want to see and a zillion leftovers. In my case you're just as likely to drive straight home and simply a torrent a copy of the movie you wanted to rent. I'm not saying I did that but it could happen.



end rant

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