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Methinks gun afficianados are fooling themselves about the effectiveness of their firearms if used to rectify unpopular governmental actions.
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batshit crazy gun owners
One of the more batshit-crazy amusing arguments by pro-gun factions for arming the populace of the U.S. with assault weapons is the mounting fear that the government will someday come and take away their assault weapons. They contend that this is exactly what the Second Amendment is all about... employing modern, battlefield-ready weapons to resist the overreach of socialist, marxist, foreign-born presidents with suspiciously dark skin who only want to save little children from being slaughtered by ordinary citizens with assault weapons.

Or something like that.

Personally, I'd actually enjoy watching bands of these patridiots attempt to storm the White House and be subsequently smeared to guava jelly by any number of clever defensive ordnance the Pentagon keeps hidden around Washington (Yet somehow forgot to use to shoot down a passenger jet on 9-11. Hmmm.) Put that shit on pay-per-view and we could fund ourselves a few more aircraft carriers.

What you may not realize is that the Second Amendment was primarily designed to enforce slavery. It allowed southern states to form special militias that patrolled the plantations and kept the slaves from escaping, or revolting.  (What? You think the slaves stayed put because they liked the weather?) That's why the amendment reads "being necessary to the security of a free state" rather than a "free country". That's also why it says "militia" because that legally excluded the slaves.


I encourage you to read the sordid history here.

Now the NRA is setting their sights on another black man, proving that things haven't really changed all that much among America's racist population in 140+ years.


end rant

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