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Burning Times

thermate at workThere's video (see below) shot on 9-11 which clearly shows molten metal streaming out of the upper stories of one of the Twin Towers.

It was orange in color.

That's crucial, because the "official story" is that the molten metal came from the passenger jet which struck the building as it was made largely of easily-meltable aluminum. But aluminum does not turn red when it transitions to a liquid state. It stays a uniform silvery color.

Silver, not orange.

So what type of molten metal is orange? Well, steel for one thing, but the fire was nowhere near hot enough to melt steel. Not even close. To start with, all of the aircraft fuel burned away almost instantly in the initial fireball, but kerosene itself can never melt steel. The only heat source left was the fire from burning office equipment, and let me tell you, friends, that won't melt steel either. But what can melt steel?

Thermate can. It's a weaponized version of thermite, a material capable of burning so intensely it can cut through tank armor like butter.

Also note that the smoke from the buildings just before they crumbled was largely white. As any fireman will tell you, smoke is black when organic material is combusting but turns white when steam occurs as a result of the introduction of water. But since the building's water systems were destroyed when the planes hit the buildings, where did the white smoke come from?

It came, again, from thermate which, when combusting, throws off abundant amounts of white smoke.

These two facts alone should give anyone good reason to question the official account of that terrible day and everything that has occurred since.


Note 1: No, your lying eyes aren't deceiving you. I've been tinkering with the wording of this odd comic throughout the morning. The message I wanted to conveigh has been more difficult to encapsulate, in what I consider to be a humorous manner, than I at first imagined. But I weary of pushing this rock up that hill so I think I'm going to leave it alone for now. Enjoy.


Note 1: The Scientologist's are apparently running a child labor camp inside Australia.

Note 2: A pastor's daughter was shot in the head... in church.

Note 3: Pastor Rick Warren said he'd go to jail before he'd accept Obama's birth control policy.... except it's already been in effect in California, his home state, for the past twleve years. Oops.

Note 4: Good news! First lawsuit against indiscriminate pepper-spraying is filed.

Note 5: What you should know about pepper spray.


And now our Chart of the Day: Share of population and total individual tax expenditures.

contraceptive use



Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creation2-15-2012: So which party has introduced "the most partisan" and "worst transportation bill [Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood] has seen in 35 years?"

Go on... guess.


Dump Fox News

Fox News Lies!President Obama's birth control policy has support from Catholic colleges, hospitals, and charities. But Fox News won't tell you that.

Click here to help Drop Fox from your cable system.

end rant

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The Three Buildings

Once upon a time there lived three buildings. Two were very tall and elegant and the other was short and squat.

Every day people came to work inside them and rode their elevators up and down. It made them happy.

then One day two evil wizards crashed their magic planes into the tall buildings.

the wizards waved their magic wands and the two buildings disappeared forever in a great ball of dust.

The little building was sad that its friends were gone. it cried and cried all day.

Then it overdosed on Nyquil and collapsed into its own footprint. The end.

Moral: Santa Claus, Jesus Christ and the
9-11 report all serve the same audience.