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Theoretical physics

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Multiple Organism

multiverseThis comic is really about the multiverse, an intriguing idea that there may exist as many as ten to the five-hundreth power other universes. For all intents and purposes that's an infinite number of alternate universes.

What's even more curious is that they may not use the same sets of of physical laws we're subject to in our little hum-drum universe. The weak force might be weaker, for instance, resulting in stars being unable to form. That means no nuclear furnace and no elements except for hydrogen. Yes, one gigantic void filled with hydrogen gas. Lighting a match in such an environment would be perfectly safe as there's no oxygen to further combustion, he said couching it in the most simplistic terms imaginable.

I'm ill-equipped to orate knowledgeably about this so check the video in Mike Video Vault (below) for more on the subject.


Hey, this is the last Raging Pencils comic of 2011 and I want to thank each and everyone of you who stuck around for the ride. Readership was up about 20% this year, which suits me fine. The Rage isn't the most accessible of comics but  they're no Garfield, either.

I also premiered a sister web site, bornagainpagan.com, that has proved to be very popular with the progressive crowd, so it's been a good year for your humble misanthrope. (I also have another site in the works. Stay tuned as it will be ready in a few weeks.)

For those who care the most popular RP comics this year were Cats as God, The Telephone Game, The Three Branches of Government, Enjoy the Ride, and Speed Campaigning with Rick Perry.

However, the most popular RP comic of all this year was, uhm, this one from 2009. I don't understand why but this damned thing has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. I'm glad people like it but come ONNNNNNN! I despair at times that this comic will be my "cow tools". Whimper.

Oh, well. Here's hoping I can approximate that magic with a cartoon that really makes a useful statement about life. Now go and have yourselves a wild and wacky weekend and we'll see younext year!



And now our "Chart of the Day":

threatened animal species chart

Click here for larger version.

You might notice that your share of federal tax revenues is larger than corporations. Doesn't seem fair to me, either.



Republican Job Creation Update

john boehner12-30-2011: Conservatives are still on vacation, presumably busy importing rare South American butterflies to denude of wings in between sessions of thrashing the servants. So, you know, no job creation.


Dump Fox News

Fox News Lies!It's been a year of real class warfare in this country and guess whose side Fox News is on?

Click here to help Drop Fox from your cable system.

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Dr. Michio Kaku will blow your mind about the universe.

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Today's Google Chow.

I shall now read from Genesis, Chapter One
In the beginning was the singularity, and it was good. And on the second day the suns separated from the darkness, and the goodness continued. On the third day the suns exploded, but that was good, too, for on the fourth day came new suns along with new planets, and the universe abounded with goodness. On the fifth day came life, and the goodness was totally awesome.

On the sixth day life created theoretical physics, and life learned that it might be simply a statistical anomaly.

But that's good, too..