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Cee Lo Green shits all over John Lennon's legacy

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john lennonThere are very few tunes embraced by popular culture that extol life free from the bonds of religion. John Lennon's "Imagine" is one of those and it is a beautiful, touching song that has achieved anthemic status across many cultures.

Cee Lo Green had his pick of zillions of half-assed paeans to Jeeeesus to warble Saturday night but there's little doubt that the producers of ABC's "Rockin' New Year's Eve" knew it would cause grievous jolt to their ratings if "How Great Thou Art" filtered out through the 6-channel THX stereo at 11:45 PM. So they nixed anything from that particular genre.

And yet, Cee Lo managed to cram religion down our throats by altering Mr. Lennon's lyrics from "And no religion, too" to "And all religions true." Mr. Green's purpose, in his own meager defense, was to show that all religion's are equal. But if they're all equal then they're all false. He might as well have said "All imaginary friends are real".

It's every artist's right to take existing material and make it their own but in this case Mr. Green's bastardization of Mr. Lennon's was a gross miscalculation. Shame upon him.


Once again Beloved Girlfriend and I brought in the New Year stomping our tootsies to the scrumptious polka beats of Grammy Award-winning Brave Combo. This year it was at Dallas' newly renovated Kessler Theatre, a 1930s-era art deco moving-picture house reinvented as performance space. It held about 500 enthusiastic revelers and our only complaint was that the dance floor was about the size of a spaniel's forehead.

There was also a surprisingly entertaining opening act called the Singapore Slingers. It's a 17-piece "Fox Trot orchestra" that plays music from the 30s, and it was a HOOT!

To our surprise the band was led by Matt Tolentino, an accordion player who used to show up on weekends at a local Italian restaurant which BG and I frequented in the early 2000-sies. Matt couldn't sing for beans back then, though he's now much improved, but his accordion playing was excellent. (We always dropped $5 in the tip jar on the way out.) I was delighted to see that he'd followed his weird passion for 30s music and made a success of it.



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Is it me or is it getting harder and harder to pay the bills? (It ain't just me.)



Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creation1-2-2012: Congress will return to session on January 17th. They will work for six whole days this month. Must be nice.

Don't expect much Federal job creation during this period.


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Cee Lo Green, illustrated as a baby in a dirty diaper, is smearing the word "ALL", in his own shit, over the word "NO" on a painting of the words "Imagine No Religion".