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Half A Mind.

the half-a-mindTo those of you as disheartened by the results of the mid-term elections as I was you should understand that the Conservative backlash was pre-ordained, and the Republicans knew it. This was not an election about, well, whatever nonsense the Tea Party was spouting. It was a Bean Counter election.

To begin with, you are not special, at least psychologically. You respond to ordinary stimulus just like every other normal American, and the bean-counters awash in electoral data understood this. They knew that the vast preponderance of Americans are so disconnected from the political process that they look at their paychecks, or their lack of one, check to see who's president and then vote for the other side. It's that simple. Why do you think George H. W. Bush lasted only one term?

Also, many of the districts that the Democrats lost on Tuesday were originally won on pencil-thin margins in 2008, boosted by Mr. Obama's genuine vision of hope and change. Since he wasn't running for office this election those same voters stayed home in droves and the districts swung back the other way. (That's one reason Conservatives were making such outlandish campaign promises. They knew they had this one in the bag.)

In fact, the GOP could have easily taken the Senate, too, but they fucked up. Too many people actually took their nasty little doppleganger, the Tea Party, seriously and it cost them at least four seats. 


Will Mr. Obama be a one-term president? No, because he personally has a massive fan base and they will all turn out to vote for him
again in 2012, plus any stray Democrat on the ballot. Democrats so overwhelming outnumber Republicans in ths country that if they'd reliably come out to vote every two years we'd all be saying "Sarah who? Rush what? George W. You Gotta Be Kidding Me?"

The next presidential election will be close, though, as Republicans will do their level best for the next two years to absolutely wreck this country, stop it dead in its tracks. Republicans know they're going to lose big time and they're going to take you with them on the way down.

See you in 2012.


November the 6th is the annual celebration of the day in which my dear mother squoze me from her loins like a little pink watermelon seed lo those many decades ago. According to radio astronomy that makes my collective atoms about 13.6 billion years old. I think I look pretty good for my age, considering. Can't wait to see what the next 30 billion years brings.

This Saturday also marks another remarkable event in my life.

It's the day I pay off my mortgage.

On Saturday the final electronic payment is transferred from my savings account to the bank and I'm officially a free man. That's one hell of a three-bedroom, semi-detatched present even if I had to pay for it myself.

It's been a remarkably uneventful run. In it's wake is an ex-wife, seven cats, one amateur burglary, a dead AC compressor, a new roof, one semi-disastrous auto accident and the best girlfriends money can buy, culminating in Beloved Girlfriend herself.

Over the years the neighborhood has grown increasingly Hispanic but that was fortuitous as these good folks not only shoved out the renters and the crack addicts but they all seem to have an aptitude for carpentry and landscaping. My neighborhood, the Cloverdale addition of Casa View, is still a bit ragged around the edges but still a nice place to be middle-class in.

Thankfully, over the life of the mortgage, I've had continued success as a commercial artist... if "success" can be defined as "not starving to death". Looking down at my ample waist is proof enough of that.

I must add, in all honesty, that I wouldn't be here today if not for the inestimable help of the ex-wife, who was and still is quite the artiste'. Lenders back in the mid-80s weren't exactly keen on writing mortgages for the self-employed. And so it was, with the good wife's contributions, that we managed to stash away enough simoleons to pony up the initial 25% down payment.


What we couldn't know as we signed the papers was that living and working out of the same small house, 24/7, could have a deleterious result on a relationship. And in pretty gorram short order, too. That's essentially why I'm here and she's elsewhere. That and the fact that I'm a first class pain-in-the-cohabitive-keister.

So thanks, Zoo, for helping make this birthday an especially memorable one. And I hope this story doesn't violate the restraining order. <evil grin>


Because no one asked: I've suspended, for the nonce, the creation of any new Tuesday/Thursday photo-toons as those were strictly "pre-election" spleen-ventings.

In fact, for thematic purity I've removed them from the main RP timeline and given them their own section. Not unlike the Scumbag or Fun Facts sections.


end rant

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