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Jonh McCain


Men join the military knowing they are risking their lives. They don't do it for the money or for the glory, they do it because it enobles them. And when they die in battle, we honor their service to our country. These are the men who are heroes to us all, for they cashed the fragile currency of their lives fulfilling their pledge to protect America from its enemies, both real or imagined.

To be sure, there are living heroes, too. These are the soldiers who ignored the spectre of imminent death in order to save their brothers in arms. We're fortunate when these men survive the gantlet as it helps buffer the sorrow for those who didn't. They are avatars against the evil that men do.

John Kerry is a hero. John McCain is not.

In 1967, then-lieutenant John McCain did nothing more heroic than get shot out of the air by the enemy. He had, to this point, crashed four planes and, in this instance, failed to follow rules regarding missile attack. He subsequently bailed out of his aircraft in a way which was certain to break his arms and legs, which he did.

From then on he suffered the same fate of every other prisoner of war. He did nothing heroic except continue to live, but they seldom give medals for that.

We should all honor Mr. McCain for his service to this country, even though having a father who was an admiral made his Navy enlistment a fait accompli. But the next time anyone refers to him as a war hero, please tell them to save it for the servicemen who truly deserve it.

John McCain decision maker

McCain was against the repeal of Roe v. Wade before he was for it.

McCain was against torture before he was for it. Now he's really for it.

McCain was against crazy right-wing preachers like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson before he was for them.

McCain was against Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy before he was for them.

McCain was against shady Bush “Pioneer” Texas billionaire swift-boat financiers before he was for them.

McCain was for the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, the one he helped wirte, before he was against it and began breaking it.

McCain was against Grover Norquist, whom he called “corrupt, a shill for dictators“ before he was for him.

McCain was against Bob Jones University because of its “hateful,” “racist and cruel” policies before he was for it.

McCain was against ethanol before he was for ethanol and then he was against it again.

McCain was against a Martin Luther King holiday before he was for it.

What is he for now? What is he against? Does it matter anymore?

John McCain blows his wad

This is a semi-oldie-but-transparant-ie from Senator McCain on 12-29-07:

“Now we’ve got the cables. We’ve got talk radio. We’ve got the bloggers. I hate the bloggers. We’ve got all kinds of sources of information.”


Senator McCain is a man who self-admittedly doesn't know how to use a computer. I'll lay anyone even money that he couldn't tell a blog from a splog from a user forum from a shout-box. Anyone who's that far out of the internet loop has no business running an economy that couldn't do without the internet.


And now a rant in a minor key:

Barack Obama majored in political science and international relations at Columbia University. At Harvard Law School he majored in Constitutional Law. He graduated magnum cum laude. This is obviously a man who puts a lot of emphasis on learning.

John McCain graduated 894 out of 899 of his class at the U.S. Naval Academy. There is no indication what he majored in. We've already had one C-student president, and that's enough.

John McCain entered the navy after graduation and became a bomber pilot. Let's think about that for a minute. A bomber pilot is a glorified bus driver, someone just bright enough to go from point A to point B and, hopefully, get home in one piece. He was not a fighter pilot, a position requiring a greater degree of physical and intellectual demands on a person. (Yes, George Bush trained to be a "fighter pilot", but he was coward who specifically chose not to fight for his country.)

mccain excitement
Also feel the warmth as you piss yourself. (Not Photoshopped)

John McCain maverick

When Congress took its July 4th break Senator John McCain took the opportunity to become hilariously sanctimonious about it, complaining that all those other naughty Congressman were wasting time and not getting the people's business done....

Neatly forgetting that he himself had missed 61% of the votes during the last session of Congress. Including the GI Bill, the one he claims to have supported, the one that he, in fact, opposed.

And, in fact, the last time he voted was April 8th. That's two months ago.

What a maverick... which is defined as a "stray calf". Now it all makes sense.

John McCain creeps everybody out.


Mr. McCain is on a roll these days. The man seemingly can't open either of his mouths without somehow stuffing the collective feet of the LA Lakers down them.

F'rinstance, during a recent "town hall" meeting (Supposedly open to all, only a specifically chosen Republican group was alloed to attend) in Denver Senator McCain called Social Security "a disgrace". This was based on the outrageous notion that the SS taxes of younger workers are being allocated to retirees.

You know... just like it's supposed to work. And has worked for all these years.

At the same time Mr. McCain is receiving almost $60,000 a year for being considered 100% disabled by the military. And if that's not just another form of social security, I don't know what is. And who pays for this tidy stipend? You, me, young workers.

The horror.

So what's his answer to this "problem"? It's either privatization or it's not privatization. It just depends which day you ask him about it.

Talk about your revealing moments. 8 seconds?
Yeah, this is the guy we need answering the phone at 3AM.

mccain equals bush

A 61-year-old librarian was removed by police from a recent McCain campaign event, a town hall meeting which was supposedly open to the public, because she was holding a sign which read "McCain = Bush". A representative for the McCain campaign said it was the Secret Service who removed her.

The representative for the McCain campaign lied.

Said Malcolm D. Wiley, the horse's mouth for the Secret Service, “Contrary to some recent reporting, the Secret Service had no involvement in Ms. Kreck being removed from the area. It was not done at our request or suggestion. Any assertion to the contrary is inaccurate and inconsistent with our established policies and procedures.”

See video of the event below.

And the Stray Calf Express rolls on.

It's clear that the police need to bone up on what the First Amendment means.

this is not a pipe

The McCain's own:

• A $4.7 million condo in Phoenix
• An $830,000 condo in Phoenix
• A $700,000 condo in Phoenix
• Two condos worth $4.7 in Coronado, California.
• A ranch outside Sedona, Arizona.
• A condo in Arlington, Virginia
• A condo in La Jolla, California.

The McCain budget for household employees is $275,000.

For some time in 2007 Cindy McCain held balances of $750,000 on several credit cards.

Mrs. McCain, who is licensed to fly, has also recently been quoted as saying "the only way to get around Arizona is by small private plane."

Just everyday, non-elitist folks.

girl and a gorilla

McCain's foreign policy adviser recently said:

"I think the American people have had enough of inflexibility and stubbornness in national security policy... We cannot afford to replace one administration that refused for too long to acknowledge failure in Iraq with a candidate that refuses to acknowledge success in Iraq."

Wait? What?

If that doesn't cheer you up then how about a joke told by McCain a few years ago:

Did you hear the one about the woman who is attacked on the street by a gorilla, beaten senseless, raped repeatedly and left to die? When she finally regains consciousness and tries to speak, her doctor leans over to hear her sigh contently and to feebly ask, ‘Where is that marvelous ape?’

Oh, that John McCain. What a wag.

john McCain cable monster

A couple of things:

First: John McCain has lately begun referring to the media as the "Cable Monsters". What this means is that the press will continue to report that McCain's poop smells like roses, because their corporate bosses OWN their scrawny asses. For precisely the same reason they'll rapturously parrot McCain's nonsense about media abuse because it will make him look like a victim, thus effectively short-circuiting the Left's ability to point out the unceasing tongue-bath McCain receives daily from these very same media toadies.

Second, Linda Pfotenhauer, McCain's senior policy advisor, has been trumpeting the cause of Big Oil's need to drill offshore by lying about the resultant damage of Katrina. The talking point in heavy rotation is that not a drop of oil was lost from offshore platforms due to the hurricane. "Trust us" say the oil companies.

As Linda put it: "I’m aware that off the coast of Louisiana and Texas there are oil rigs, as we well know, and those rigs have survived, very successfully, the impacts of hurricanes."

In reality there were 113 offshore oil rigs totally destroyed by Katrina.

And, oh yes, they leaked.

john McCain typewriter

Recently the New York Times printed an op-ed piece written by Barack Obama, outlining in great detail his plans for the US military in the Middle East.

The McCain campaign then offered their rebuttal to the the NYT, which was rejected. The reason for the rejection was, and I'm paraphrasing the words of David Shipley, editor of the NYT, "What the heck is this?"

It seems that McCain's plans didn't include any plans, didn't say much of anything, evidently. In Mr. Shipley's own words:

"It would be terrific to have an article from Senator McCain that mirrors Senator Obama’s piece. To that end, the article would have to articulate, in concrete terms, how Senator McCain defines victory in Iraq. It would also have to lay out a clear plan for achieving victory — with troops levels, timetables and measures for compelling the Iraqis to cooperate. And it would need to describe the senator’s Afghanistan strategy, spelling out how it meshes with his Iraq plan."


One more thing... did you know that John McCain, who is married to a multil-millionaire, who alreadys gets a $60,000-a-year military pension for being 100% disabled (which means you're totally unable to work) also receives $25,000 a year in Social Security payments?

This wouldn't be such a big deal if he didn't publicly complain about the SS system being a "disgrace" since old people get money from funds provided by the young.

So give the money back, you whiny old hypocrite. Be an example, not a rich fucking mooch.

john McCain confused

While I'm borrowing stuff, this is from "Bill in Portland Maine", a contributor to dailykos.com:


You don't know how to use the internet, you don't know that Czechoslovakia is no longer a country, you don't know Sunni from Shia, you don’t know much about the economy, you're uninformed about women's health issues, you don't know whether you're for or against gay adoption, stem cell research or setting a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, you don't know what countries share a border with Pakistan, you don't know when the surge began, you no longer object to waterboarding or closing Guantanamo, you don't tell the truth about your votes on veterans issues, you said Putin was the leader of Germany, you think alternative energy means switching from regular to premium, you say you know how to win wars but you haven't actually won any, your idea of a funny joke is suggesting different ways to kill people in other countries, you want to keep giving tax breaks to the wealthy but not the middle and lower class, you confuse Somalia with Sudan, you thought voting for the Iraq war was an exercise in good judgment, you once said "I disagree with what the majority of Americans want," you think Social Security is "a disgrace," your idea of health care is apparently 'take more vitamins,' you voted to support Bush's policies 95 percent of the time last year and 100 percent of the time this year, and over the course of a single week you unfairly attacked both your opponent's patriotism and his humanity...

Then tell me again, Senator McCain: why should Americans vote for you?

john McCain fuzzy puppy

This is old news by now but I have to share.

Senator John McCain appeared on CBS News in an interview with Katie Couric last Thursday whereupon he made an incredibly bone-headed claim about the so-called "surge". He said that the surge was responsible for the Sunni uprising when, in fact, the uprising occurred the previous year. This from a man basing his campaign on knowing all the answers to our military problems.

So what did CBS do? They remixed the tape to make McCain seem like less of a boob.

Think for just a moment why CBS would destroy its journalistic credibility like this and then go buy your "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" bumper sticker now.

Rather than re-hash all the details please watch the much superior segment from Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" program, as seen in the youtube segment below.

Before you do, please consider that McCain's little brain-fart could only be the result of one of two things:

(1) He purposely lied about the timeline of the surge so that he could make the US military, and himself, look better.

(2) He honestly didn't know.

Either of these possibilities make him unfit to be the leader of this country.


When John McCain dumped his crippled wife for his new beer heiress wife he didn't do things in neat little stages like most people:

(1) Divorce wife
(2) Court and marry new wife

No, his list was more like:

(1) Have sex with beer heiress.
(2) Go home to wife.
(3) Have lots more sex with beer heiress.
(4) Get marriage license.
(5) Divorce wife.
(6) Marry beer heiress.

You can read the Los Angeles Times blow-by-blow account of the affair here.

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