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The progressive comic about Trump, the racist asshole

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"We're From France!"

Sorry. No criminal assholes today.


What Senator Lindsay Graham said: "We celebrated the 80th anniversary of D-Day. It was a failure. It was an unnecessary war."

What it sounded like: "America should have remained isolationist and let Hitler do what he wanted."

What he really meant: "The world should have and could have stopped Hitler before he started a world war."

The point he accidentally made: "Don't elect authoritarian leaders like Trump. He's another Hitler waiting to happen."


In the Lefty News, below, I note that convicted felon Donald Trump called U.S. soldiers "suckers and losers". TFG denies this, because he's a liar whose pants are burning with the unquenchable heat of quark-gluon plasmas. But the truth is that he said it to General Kelly, whose own son died while stationed in Iraq.

Just sayin'.


A Texas Appeals Court recently ruled that school children are allowed to read the words "butt" and "fart" in their library books. Which means they can finally read all about Trump's election interference conviction.

- Lefty

end rant

Leftacular News for June 10, 2024

Judge Samuel Alito evidently has wet dreams about witch burnings.

President Joe Biden has been reminding Americans that convicted felon Trump once called our fighting men "suckers and losers".

Convicted felon Trump held a rally in Las Vegas and attendees couldn't leave fast enough.

Convicted felon Trump goes on bizarre rant about sharks and... batteries?

Convicted felon Trump's toadies have been comparing him to Jesus (????) and Christians are HATING that.

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