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The progressive comic about the pope.

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Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me

Just in case anyone cares, the Vatican has the same legitimacy in proposing limits on abortion, surrogate parenthood and/or gender-affirming surgery as my Aunt Ethyl... and I don't even have an Aunt Ethyl. All the Pope has that Ethyl doesn't is a knowledge that millions of humans are afraid of burning in a lake of fire after they die if they don't follow a set of unspecific rules designed to sap their minds of objective reality by an entity mostly interested in their monetary donations and headed by a man wearing a dress who SWEARS he's never boned a nun.


It was Eclipse Day here in America and I'm not sure what the fuss was all about. If this was the first ever total eclipse modern humanity would ever experience then, sure, I'd have been out there with a welder's mask on and waving a set of pom-poms urging that old devil Moon to go-go-go!

Instead I chose to go for a walk around my neighborhood during the totality and spent my time looking around me rather than up at a familiar fiery disc we'd seen in print or online time and again. I saw the street light blink on. I saw eerie waves of patterns washing across the street surfaces, something to do with the wisps of cloud cover that threatened to ruin the event.

I heard and saw fireworks going off in mid afternoon darkness.

I met neighbors I'd rarely encountered sitting or standing in their yards waiting for the big moment and we all shared a laugh that the end of the world was coming.

I listened to music specifically chosen to accompany the event. I listened to NPR news broadcasts that were describing the rush of totality as it reached each heavily populated area. Which was as absurd as listening to Edgar Bergen performing his act on radio with puppet Charlie McCarthy. (No relation to Kevin McCarthy though they do share some of the same wooden DNA.)

See you at the next one in 2026, if we both meet in Greenland (or somewhere like that) that is.


Moon: “Hi, pretty mama.”

Mother Earth: “Hey, baby. Whatcha got for me?”

Moon: “Oh, nothin’. Just about the blackest event you’ve even had.”

Mother: “Oooh. How black?”

Moon: "Totality, baby."

Mother: “Oh, yeah? Well, then, give it to me, Moon man.”

Moon: “Here it comes, baby!”

Mother: “Oh, yeah!”

Moon: “Oh, yeah!”

Mother: “Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! ….. wait. Is that it? Four minutes? Four whole minutes?”

Moon: “Hey, look, uh, I got a thing to do. Maybe I’ll catch you in about two years, baby.”

Mother: “That’s it. I gotta find me a new moon.”

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for April 8, 2024

Trump takes credit for overturning Roe vs. Wade because he has so few policy 'wins' to brag about.

Republicans publicly admit that RFK, Jr's candidacy is a stunt designed to help Trump win.

The unemployment rate has remained below 4% for twenty-six months. Thanks, Joe!

House Democrat proposes naming prison after Trump.

President Joe Biden seeks more student debt relief.

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Shit the pope says
Pope: the male and female sexes are inviolate and no one change that! Right, lord?
God: (Chuckle) Dude, I made a man from mud and a woman from a rib bone!
Pope: Well, then surrogacy is against human dignity. Right?
God: Uh, I had Mary carry my baby for me. Remember?
Pope: Okay, but people who get sex-changes think they're god!
God: People who wear funny hats think they're god, too.
Pope: (sigh) What would you have me do, lord?
God: Read a book, dumb-ass!

The progressive comic about the Pope.

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