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The progressive comic about the pope.

end rant

Aborting Abortion Abortions

Trump’s abortion policy in a nutshell: Trump, who was pro-choice until his mid-50s, would, as dictator, institute an abortion ban from anywhere after 6 weeks to 20 weeks of pregnancy though he would imprison any woman who gets an abortion at all, and he would definitely sign a national, total ban of abortion in order to please just his evangelical voters but if he promises that out loud he loses the vote of middle-class women who already know he’s very proud to have seated three right-wing nut-jobs on the Supreme Court who will gladly strip women of all Constitutional rights.

See? Perfectly rational policy.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for April 10, 2024

Arizona Republicans revive abortion restriction law first passed in... 1864?!!!!!

Indiana court throws Hobby Lobby abortion restriction ruling on its head.

James and Jennifer Crumbley allowed their son to buy a gun and now they're going to prison for manslaughter.

Trump booted from Bloomberg billionaire's list after Truth Social stock bombs.

President Joe Biden sets first-ever limit on 'forever chemicals' in U.S. drinking water.

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abortion comic
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Trump's stances on abortion
I'm pro-choice. (1999) I'm pro-life. (2011)
Women should be punished for getting abortions.
Doesn't want a national ban. (wink-wink)
Proudly responsible for ending Roe v. Wade.
20 week ban? 15 week ban? 6 week ban? Whatever gets votes.
The states should pass their own abortion laws. Maybe.

The progressive comic about Trump's irregular abortion stances.

abortion comic pope comic