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The progressive comic about abortion access.

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Sons of the Beaches

Conservatives say they want to leave the decision on access to abortion to the state. That's "state", not "voters" (there's a difference) but even voters shouldn't get to decide on whether or not abortion should be legal.

Because it's a medical procedure!

More importantly, it's a procedure that's often necessary to save the life of a woman. And women are kind of important because they have all the babies. We should be thinking of their health first, babies later.

No one says "Oh, let's let the voters decide if heart or kidney transplants should be allowed" because those people would be considered, what's the word? Oh, yes, "morons".

Medical abortion is not just safe, it's rare when compared to the number of fertilized eggs that fail to come to term. Human reproduction is so inefficient that only an estimated 30% of fertilized eggs result in live birth. That's about one million medical abortions vs. about 12 million failed pregnancies each year. Yes, most women are unaware they were ever pregnant, however briefly.

If your opposition to abortion is religious, that you think each life is a gift from Jesus, then he's lousy at human reproduction because he's letting a lot of precious little babies die. So take it up with him. Not the local legislature.

The final pass/fail decision on abortion should come from within the medical community. End of story.

We're a modern, industrial society. It's time we begin acting like it.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for April 12, 2024

Billionaire SCOTUS-briber gives big, fat, diamond-encrusted finger to Senate subpoena!

Matt Gaetz is even creepier than you thought.

The Trump defense plan is to bury the courts in horse-shit legal maneuvers.

President Joe Biden moves to close 'gun show loophole'.

President Joe Biden cancels another $7.4 billion in student loans. What a thoughtful President.

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The progressive comic about abortion access.

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