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The progressive comic about Mike Johnson claiming to be the new Moses.

end rant

Johnson Supposes His Toeses Are Moses

I regret having to resort to an unsubstantiated source like the Bible to create these 'toons but as long as fools in our government think we should all be required to live by its antiquarian tenets it's the best I can do.


Trump finds himself in a weird position regarding Stormy Daniels. If he continues to deny the sexual scrimmage took place between the two he might have to undergo a very revealing medical examination just to see if Stormy's depiction of a sad, withered mushroom of a man-tool is accurate.

Your move, you blubbery orange shit-weasel.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for April 15, 2024

Jury selection begins in Trump election interference trial. YAYYYYYYYYY!

The Supreme Court effectively abolishes (left-wing) protest in three U.S. states.

Trump says he's "going to be watching the [election] cheating very carefully". Bwah-hahahahaha!

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is missing in action.

President Joe Biden leads orange traitorous rapist in ten polls.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

I, Republican Mike Johnson, Speaker of the House of Representatives, am the new Moses!
Lefty: Which Moses?
The Moses who killed 3000 worshippers of the golden calf, or the Moses whose own mother had to be paid by Pharoah to feed him?
Or was it the Moses God was planning to murder until his wife placed a bloody foreskin on his foot? Hmmmm?
Where do you get all this stuff?
From the Bible. You ought to read it someday. It's hilarious.

The progressive comic about Mike Johnson claiming to be the new Moses.

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