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The progressive comic about religion vs. artificial intelligence.

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Ain't No Burqhas In Sweden

For those interested, I synopsized the salient points made in the 'toon above from an article written by Natasha Bajema entitled "AI's Six worst Case Scenarios".

I was able to use all but the last point to make my comparison between religion and artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, Bajema's 6th point was that the public might reject AI out of fear of its destructive potential, depriving humanity of its possible benefits. There IS no benefit to religion (And if you disagree please go look up the term "cognitive dissonance". Thank you.) so I had to let that one slide. I was pretty much tight on acreage for more exposition anyway.

You might find it marginally interesting to note that in my initial attempt at the joke the punch line both AI and religion were considered irresistible because the profit/power potential of both was so high it outweighed the potential danger to humanity. In other words "Who cares if we burn the planet to a crisp in nuclear fire, think of all the money we'll make!"

One thing's for sure... AI will never invent gods or philosophies to support them. Even it's not that stupid.


I'd like to take a moment to note the passing of one Daniel Robert Graham, better known as Bob Graham, former Governor and U.S. Senator of the currently benighted date of Florida.

Graham was the kind of Democrat one dreams of, the kind who placed an emphasis on education in his state and, as Senator, smelled a rat in Dubya's move to invade Iraq, subsequently pressing the investigation that proved the campaign to be a performative sham.

But the coolest thing about Mr. Graham was that during his off-days from public service he worked the day jobs of the common man, just to see what it felt like and to see how to make things better for them. All told, he worked 921 different jobs in 109 cities and across five states. Eat your heart out Mike Rowe.

He had aspirations for the White House and it seems to to me he would have made a fine president but he suffered a campaign-ending heart attack in 2003 and eventually retired from the Senate in 2005.

Thank you, Bob, for your service. And excelsior, you magnificent bastard!

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for April 18, 2024

House Republicans send articles of impeachment for Mayorkas to the Senate.

The Senate responded "Yeah. (Chuckle) No."

Best voir dire ever! Trump forced to listen to string of mean memes at his expense.

Michigan Democrats gain full control of state government after special election.

The land is collapsing in California due to excessive water pumping.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Man! artificial intelligence is scary!
By that you mean…
Artificial intelligence is dangerous because it will redefine our reality, reduce critical thinking and cause users to become addicted to its content. It will reinforce our biases and could lead to domestic repression. An overdependance on it could result in uncontrolled conflict.
Yeah, that's it exactly!
Funny, because I was describing religion.

The progressive comic about religion vs. artificial intelligence.

trump bingo comic moses comic