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The progressive comic about Trump perfidy.

end rant


There are seventy-five numbers in Bingo. I honestly think I could have
listed fifty more areas of crimes or generally disgusting behaviors to accompany the twenty-five listed in the 'toon. But, you know.... ugh.

On the bright side, this cartoon could realistically serve a useful public service as many of Trump's voters probably spend hours at a time in bingo parlors, chain-smoking the cheap ciggies they get from the Indian reservations, dreaming of going home with a valued treasure, like an air-fryer, if they're the first to fill a line. All the while Fox News is blaring away on the wall, scandalizing Joe Biden's foolish choice of, well, whatever type of dressing he put on his salad that day.

So if we could get Trump Bingo into those halls his voters would have no choice but to consume honest information regarding Trump's endless stream of perfidy.


After I drew this cartoon, as I was nearing completion of the web pages that will contain it, I got to thinking that one of the squares should include "Dies in jail", you know, just to give the world a little hope for the future. So I edited it quickly and "Tah-dah!".

In case you're interested, the last square previously said "Lies about goddamn everything!", but we already knew that.


One last thing... is it possible that Marjorie Traitor Greene's real goal is to destroy the Republican Party from within by pretending to be a screeching moron, day after day after day? Might we someday owe her a round of thanks when the Congressional arm of the GOP can hardly field a flag football squad?

Nahhhh, she's not that smart. Never mind.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for April 22, 2024

President Joe Biden has a 9-point lead over Trump among actual voters.

Trump's legal defense fund is dwindling.

Democrats come to the rescue of Democracy again.

Trump's criminal conspiracy trial started today! YaYYYYY!

President Joe Biden celebrates Earth Day with a seven-billion dollar grant for more solar power. Go, Joe!

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The progressive comic about trump perfidy.

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