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The progressive comic about the problem with abortion bans.

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Red Pillory

Trump keeps violating his gag orders but if the Judge tosses him in jail he becomes a martyr to his smooth-brained voters. And charging him $1000 per violation is a punishment he just would laugh at.


Have the judge sentence him to stand handcuffed to a blackboard on a corner outside the courthouse. At rush hour. And he has to write on the blackboard the following phrase one hundred times..."I will not attack witnesses on social media like a big fat moron."

In cursive.


It would be wonderful if later this week the jury foreman in Trump's trial stands up and tells the Judge, "Okay! We, the jury, have heard enough. We all agree he's incredibly guilty of everything. Can we please go home now so we don't have to sit here and look at his dumb ass again?"


As a penalty for his repeated violations of the gag order Judge Merchan just decreed that Trump must go pick up street trash.

Trump's lawyers immediately complained that their client's hands were too tiny to lift Lauren Boebert or Marjorie Taylor Greene.


One last thing... Why is the U.S. helping Ukraine fight its war against Russia?

When the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991 Ukraine possessed the world's third-largest stockpile of nukes within its borders. The U.S., the UK and Russia all signed an agreement in 1994, the Budapest Memorandum, saying "If you give up those nukes we will all ensure your country's sovereignty."

In 2014 Putin said "Suckers!" and invaded Crimea and is now trying to take Ukraine. Putin is a Hitler with nukes.

That's why.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for April 24, 2024

"You don't pay someone $130,000 not to have sex with you."

Steve 'Scumbag' Bannon is a co-conspirator in a one-billion-dollar fraud case.

Trump calls for protestors outside the courthouse. Gets crickets.

Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and Mark Meadows named as co-conspirators in Michigan fake electors scheme.

Rudy Giuliani and Mark Meadows named as co-conspirators in Arizona fake-electors scheme.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Red Hat: Yes! We did it! We finally got rid of all abortion in this state!
Woman: Yay! I can now be raped and impregnated and the baby could suffer a dangrous genetic malfunction that almost kills me, puts me in the hospital, and drains our savings!
And the child could be born mentally and physically deformed to the extent where we have to spend all of our time and money to keep it alive. Until we die!
Oh, I'm sorry. You were saying?

The progressive comic about the sad truth of abortion bans.

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