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The progressive comic about Trump raping Democracy.

end rant

The Bang Gang

My first inclination towards today's offering was an image of the five male hypocrites on the Supreme Court, wearing strap-ons whose tip was ornamented with David Koch's head, gang-raping Lady Liberty while the insensate bodies of Uncle Sam and Lady Justice lay off to one side bleeding copiously from their nether regions.

It would also have featured Amy Coney Barrett fingering herself into drooling, orgasmic bliss while reading the testimony of women who've almost died as a result of complications from pregnancy.

But that would have been too much like a documentary which is why I went with this funny version.


Hey! "College kids"! I appreciate your empathy towards the plight of the Palestinian people but where was this explosion of dissatisfaction when the Supreme Court took away your reproductive rights?

Protest all you want right now but you should know this: Your misplaced anger is doing nothing but helping put Trump back in the White House, whereupon you can kiss your right to protest adieu.

Wake the hell up, please. Trump not only doesn't care about the Palestinians he doesn't care about you, either. He loves the undereducated for a reason, so get smart and let President Biden do his job to help fix a problem for which he, or your college, is not responsible.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for April 30, 2024

"Supreme Court one vote away from the end of Democracy".

Trump fined for contempt, threatened with jail.

Washington State Republicans decide they're not interested in Democracy.

Marijuana to be reclassified as a less dangerous drug.

Bill Barr says Trump often suggested executing his rivals when still president.

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Judge: Miss, do you see the man who assaulted you in this court?
Lady Liberty: Yes… him.
Go on.
We had a casual relationship in New york. No big deal.
Then one day he took advantage of an opportunity and... he raped me.
Ever since then he's made my life a living hell.
Trump: And I'll do it again.

The progressive comic about Trump's rape of democracy.

campus riots comic SCOTUS comic