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Forest, Meet Trees

Look! Poor people!Let's make this perfectly clear, the Republican Party doesn't like you.

"You" is anyone that doesn't have millions in the bank. End of story.

This means they don't really like the pro-lifers or the gun-hoarders but these otherwise good folks are very convenient because they're naive enough to rush to the polls every time the GOP blows their dog whistles. Unfortunately, the inability of these groups to see past the cover of their Bibles or the second half of the Second Amendment have supplied Conservatives with all the ammunition they need to ruin this country.

Here's the deal in a nutshell... America, as the major consumer of crap in this world, can no longer continue in that role as its manufacturing base has basically collapsed. Real wages have declined over the past 30 post-Reagan years and it's going to get worse. After stripping the U. S. Treasury dry over the last 30 years Republicans are currently in the process of stealing the last major sources of wealth, namely the Social Security trust fund and worker pensions. After that, it'll be the rich sitting in their compounds watching the rest of us fight over what's left. We're Mexico, we're Bahrain, we're a banana republic.

You can't educate your way out of this trap, either. Already most young people leave college with huge financial burdens that limits their options. That's why Conservative's have been systematically underfunding the public schools and trumpeting vouchers because there's big money to be made extorting parents who'll hock the farm to get their kids in the right public schools.

"Congratulations on graduating 3rd grade, son. You owe the bank $100,000."

Capitalism is to blame. We should be working as a country to conserve our resources, protect our environment see that everyone is healthy and fed, but capitalism says "It's every man for himself". Your house has to be bigger, your car has to be more powerful, your electronic trinkets have to be blingier than the next guy. Your corporation not only has to be more powerful than the next corporation, it has to destroy it. But on the occasions that it can't, there's always a financially-satisfying collusion to salve the wounds.

Capitalism kills the blue-fin tuna, the rain forests, the planet.

Socialism, the kind we relied on in the 1950s to build the interstate highway system and eventually land men on the moon, is the better answer but it depends on a nobility of spirit, the ability to share, each according to his need. Unfortunately, nobility is not bred of a society like ours and nobility is not sexy and won't get you laid. Money, which equates to power, gets you laid in America. But when all the money is gone there'll be nothing left but fucking, only you'll be the one getting fucked.


Fox News Lies!Meanwhile, Fox News continues to lie.

Please ask your local cable provider to remove them from your monthly bill.


end rant

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I'd like to start with a chilled Constitutional reduction followed by the poached Social Security, a Supreme Court surprise, filet of tax cuts, well done, the Monopoly Plate special, heavy on the deregulation, some deep-dish war-profiteering, with extra earmarks, a slice of immigrant scapegoat, an order of corporate subsidies in a red-state wine sauce, the Union Buster with cheese and, for dessert, I'll have the double-dipped pension plan. As for the lady, she can go fuck herself.