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Faking It

Fox LiesSome of you may be too young to remember but there was a time, only 15 years ago, when we actually trusted the news. Oh, sure, we took issue with the particular political slant of each media organ but generally we took the information at face value.

It was the government that we didn't trust back then. Thank you, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan for teaching us what devious assholery can be. When Reagan warned us about the government's "help", he really meant people like himself.

Then along came Fox News Channel in 1996, headed by Roger Aisles, the former political strategist for Reagan. It quickly found it's way into most households as Rupert Murdoch virtually gave the content away for free. Now they charge, by industry standards, a lofty stipend for their content.

If that sounds familiar, that's how the heroin industry works.

By the way, Fox News doesn't warrant a higher percentage of your cable bill simply because it's in high demand, as most people rarely watch cable news. It's because all of the cable companies are conservative butt-buddies with Rupert Murdoch and, therefore, you'll pay for Fox whether you watch it or not. Your kids may want Spongebob but you're paying a $1.20 a month ransom to Rupert.

By the time George W. Bush ascended the throne by decree of the Supreme Court in 2000 Fox News had ripened to full redolent flower. Now the Republicans could lie their butts off (WMD's, anyone?) and Fox News could be counted on to parrot the talking points just like it was God's honest truth.

Many Americans now understand that Fox bends the truth like so much taffy. Half of those people don't complain because they benefit, or believe they benefit, from the distortions. The other half, the reality-based portion of the population, filters out the dissonance and simply go about their business.

It's the remainder of the population that's most worrisome. These are the people who make opinions based on ambient information. Rumors, half-truths, scandalous allegations. That's Fox's specialty and the low-information voter laps that crap up like honey.

Now Fox News is trumpeting the Tea Party and the circle jerk is finally complete. A fake political party is heavily promoted by a fake news company in order to do real harm to this country. That means you.

Stop watching Fox and tell your cable company you do not wish to pay for it. It's really just that simple.

PS: Hey, what do you know? There are palm trees in Wisconsin... at least according to fucking Bill O'Reilly and Fox News.


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Foxbert: I love comedy.
Foxbert: We really don't lie, you know.
Dilbarack: Dude! Fox News has a copyright on misinformation.
Foxbert: Nuh-uhhh! It's fair balanced. Says so right on the TV.
Dilbarack: Oh, really? I've got a C note saying the next thing that comes out of Bill O'Reilly's mouth is a lie.
Foxbert: You're on.
O'Reilley: Research has shown that American's are becoming fatter and dumber...
Foxbert: Ah-HA!
O'Reilly: And it's all because of the liberal media®.
Foxbert: You take Paypal?
Dilbarack: Would Julian Assange?