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The progressive comic about voting hand counts.

end rant

Give 'Em A Hand!

This cartoon is mostly in response to a story from out of my grand and glorious Sudetenland, uh, I mean, Texas in whose Gillespie country the local Republicans thought they'd had enough of all the <sarcasm> widespread voter fraud </sarcasm> and decided they'd fix the problem by hand-counting the votes resulting from their recent March 5th primary.

As you might expect, being they're Trumpy conservatives, they screwed the whole thing up.

This disappointed me because, being the low-grade computer nerd that I am, I have an honest distrust of electronic voting machines because I know they're only as trustworthy as the programmers who wrote the code. And there has already been testimony before Congress from such programmers who were instructed to alter such code to sway such elections. So I had modest hopes the result would prove that the old processes still work but all this accomplished was varnish it with a new sheen of redolent spew.

The fine folks of Gillespie County have sadly proven that the vote count is only as good as your ability to accurately and reliably add n+1.

Or the comic is about how strange a hand-count is to a species without hands.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for March 23, 2024

Another Republican Congressman hits the road.

House Republicans want to ban universal free lunches for school kids.

Testimony from former Trump valet reveals his boss has the temperament of a toddler.

Israel is fomenting a monstrous famine event in Gaza.

House Republicans fail to destroy the economy... again.

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The progressive comic about voting hand counts.

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