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The progressive comic about abortion and anencephaly.

end rant

Looney 'Toons

You know when Conservatives started blowing up the abortion issue by insisting that "das fetal heartbeat ist uber alles"?

Why didn't anyone just dick-slap them and remind them that the heart is just a biological water-pump and that medical science already has replacement versions that can keep a person alive when the original conks out. (Ask Dick Cheney about how well they work, if he can ever be considered "alive", that is.)

Hell, surgeons have been transplanting replacement hearts into newborns for over 25 years, which should be proof enough that the fetal heartbeat is not a god-given gift. The heart is just another cog in the machiney.

More important than the heart is the brain which, in a fetus, doesn't come online to any great significance until the 28th week of gestation. It isn't until then that the hind-brain is mature enough to give commands like "breathe" and "suckle". Rather important stuff, wouldn't you say?

And until brains can be transplanted the GOP will just have to work with the wind-up versions until something more efficient and rational is available.


As for that final panel....

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for March 21, 2024

President Joe Biden cancels $6 billion more in student debt. Go Joe!

Former aide to Rudy Giuliani names the names of the GOP working with and for the Russians.

Trump lawyer lets slip that her boss will become any foreign country's bitch if they just pay off his tax debts.

Trump properties already have at least $200 million in outstanding loans.

Democrat Jared Moskowitz dared House Republicans to second his motion for impeachment of Joe Biden. They ran shrieking in terror like the little pussies they are.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Lefty: Current Republican belief is that a fetus cannot be aborted once a heartbeat is detected.
GOP elephant: True.
Did you know there's a genetic defect, anencephaly, which prevents a fetus' brain from forming, resulting in its death shortly after birth?
Maybe. So?
So you're forcing women to bear brainless babies!
The GOP doesn't care about brains!
Wabbit season.
I demand that you shoot me now!

The progressive comic about abortion and anencephaly.

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