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The progressive comic about the questionable things we eat.

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Eat Hearty

In case you think I'm inventing stories about food that never goes bad...

And, yes, certain flavorings and artificial sweeteners originate from the same source as your high-test automobile go-juice.

And I would have added "ice cream that never melts" in this comic but I ran out of word-balloon acreage.


There was a time when people grew food and then ate the food. Now we grow a limited spectrum of plants on a vast scale and process them into a variety of temp vittles that are cheap, tasty, shelf-stable and, unfortunately, prone to result in obesity and diabetes.

Processed food is designed to be easy to eat, which means you'll eat more of it long before your body understands its had enough, and low in fiber so your gut is unable to access all of the available nutrients fast enough, leaving you hungry again quicker.

That's not an accident. That's a marketing strategy, which is "Bigger people eat more food and thus make more profits for Big Ag."

Sadly, we're stuck with processed foods, probably forever, because it's impossible to feed all eight billion of us with farm-to-table veggies and meat, doubly difficult for those with low incomes. (Which explains the paradox of the most obesity in this country occurring among the poorest people.)

It's more cost-efficient for industry to raze rain forests and grow soy, then tease out its proteins and oils and convert them into familiar analogs of traditional foods that are found in the freezer section, on sale at four for $10.

If you can afford the good stuff, the basic raw materials, and know your way around a kitchen, then good for you. You're one of the lucky ones.


In 2001 a group of Saudi Arabians hijacked a number of civilian airliners and used them as terrorist weapons against the United States.

In retaliation George Bush tossed a dart at a map and decided to invade Afghanistan. As a result, ISIS was born. This terrorist group was a constant thorn in the side of allied forces in the Middle East and was responsible for the deaths of those thirteen U.S. soldiers who perished as the last American servicemen withdrew from Afghanistan in 2023.

Now ISIS has attacked and killed 137 concert-goers in Moscow and as a result Putin has decided that maybe a cease-fire in Gaza might be nice.

So thanks to Dubya, who ignored security alerts that indicated that the U.S. was in imminent danger of an attack which eventually left almost 3000 New Yorkers dead, there might not be a catastrophic famine in Gaza after all.


- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for March 25, 2024

Trump felony hush-money trial set for April 15, 2024. Fingers-crossed.

Trump fraud-trial bond reduced to $175 million that he still probably doesn't have.

U.N. passes Gaza cease fire resolution. Israel loses their shit.

Boeing says "Buh-bye. Bye now. Bye. Bye now. Buh-bye" to CEO.

Chick-Fil-A folds to inevitable. Now selling chicken that have been treated with (horrors!) antibiotics.

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The progressive comic about the food we eat.

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