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The progressive comic about Trump's lawyers

end rant

Bore Dire

That "female breast" reference is not really as cheap a gag as it seems. Trump's lawyer in the E. Jean Carroll case, Alina Habba, the $84 million dollar lawyer, was asked by reporters if she'd rather be smart or pretty. She replied: "I'd rather be pretty. I can fake being smart."

Yes, she worked out well. Didn't she, Don?


Not long ago Alabama executed a prisoner by cruelly and inhumanely asphyxiating him with nitrogen gas. It's clear he could have used some of those powerful sedatives the Trump White House was giving out like candy 'tween 2017 and 2021, but no.

Anyway, I got to thinking about this subject (which is always the moment most people who know me suddenly have an errand to run) and I think a reasonable solution to overcrowded prisons is to give criminals sentenced to life in jail, with absolutely no chance at parole, the option to commit physician-assisted suicide, available at any time of their incarceration.

Our cultural objections to suicide is rooted in religious dogma which states we can go to eternal paradise once we die but not if we take the DIY route. Which means that criminals such as serial killers aren't going to Heaven anyway so who could possible voice an objection if Clyde "The Nun Stomper" Blumenthaal says "Check, please!"?

Yeah, I know. You can accept Jesus as your lord and savior and up you go no matter how many baby hearts you had with your fava beans and chianti, which is why the Xtian-industrial complex should be sued back to the stone age from whence it came.


You probably already suspect that I post my 'toons on various social media sites around the inter-tubes. Been doing it for years. Well, my previous comic, the one about rape and shekels and stuff, became unexpectedly the fourth highest rated of all my 'toons that I've ever posted on Reddit. Yay, me.

Furthermore, the 'toon before that, the one about emperor Trump, really got into the spleens of Facebook Trump-trolls. I have had a BALL air-locking those ninnies. And the criticisms, when they weren't simply questioning my heritage, were all the same "sleepy, drug-using, criminal, pedophile" crappola about wonderful old President Joe.

There must be a pamphlet that comes with each MAGA hat offering a selection of quips that are guaranteed to make Liberals see the light of Trump's New Dawn. Or something like that.


- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for February 2, 2024

The U.S. economy continues its record surge! Thanks, Joe!

Thirty good things President Joe Biden has done that you might not have known about.

President Joe Biden has reportedly called Trump "A sick fuck!". (I love a president who tells it like it is.)

Biden administration begins retaliatory strikes at Iraq and Syria.

President Joe Biden attends funeral for troops killed in Jordan air strike.

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