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The Naked Truth

You know, if we had really wanted to have avoided this HAMAS/Israel confrontation, where many innocent civilians on both sides have lost their lives, maybe the world should have paid more attention to people like Adolf Hitler, who is personally responsible for the Holocaust.

Yes, there's a direction correlation between the underpayment of house painters and the creation of the Jewish state of Israel. Make of that what you will.

It's not all Adolf's fault, of course. There's an almost unending string of violent events deep into humanity's past which proves that mankind just likes to kill one another, really leans into it, either in single-handed combat or as part of rampaging armies.

So what we're seeing in Israel right now? Completely normal. It's what humans do. I don't know why we're surprised anymore when County A is attacked by Country B.

(But by all means don't attack Country U.S. Fuckin' A., 'cause we will rip your goddamn ass off and charge you for sewing it back on. But I digress.)

That's pretty much why many Americans are almost no longer surprised when some lonely and miserable incel walks into a public school and unloads his angst on a bunch of helpless children. I mean, have we done ANYTHING to stop this? Anything at all? The answer is both "No" and yet simple enough to divine as free access to weaponry in this country. Unfortunately, the killer chimp gene is embedded deeply in both our RNA and our Constitution so good luck ducking bullets on the freeway, folks.

Even worse, killer chimps wearing robes long ago decided that little slice of the Bill of Rights didn't go far enough to ensure societal mayhem in this country, so they expanded access to military-grade weapons because white entitlement is God's will, or one would suppose.

Do I personally wish we'd find other, more peaceable means to settle our differences? Most certainly. I'm just saying out loud the stuff we usually keep to ourselves.

All I know is when I go to the zoo I don't torment the chimps because they will fling poo. And if they had guns I wouldn't go at all.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for January 29th, 2024

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are joining Joe Biden o the Presidential stump.

IRS contractor tried to show us what a crook Trump is. Court sentences him to 5 years in jail.

The GOP's plan to make Trump emperor for life should he steal another election.

E. Jean Carroll wants to spend Trump's $83 million on causes he's sure to hate.

Carpetbagger Lauren Boebert places fifth out of nine in her new district's straw poll.

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The progressive comic about trump's madness

dumb bible laws comic immigration comic