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Having One's Phil

You know what this country's lacked for the past, oh, 40 years or so? Good old anti-war protest songs. (We all agree that war and stuff like that is bad, right?) I don't mean just one or two mild attempts at holding our military leaders up to scrutiny every time they prostrate themselves before the oil companies and subsequently shoot up the odd sovereign nation or two. I mean a whole generation of young and old strumming a guitar or picking a banjo in righteous indignation, naming names while the bombs are dropping.

I bring this up because I recently reacquainted myself with one of the best protest writer/singers from the Viet Nam era, a prolific balladeer by the name of Phil Ochs. In particular was a famous song of his called "I Ain't Marching Anymore", a ditty if heard and embraced by more young people of this world it might make life less precarious for all.

Yes, I have his albums, collected years ago, but I watched the video of his performance on Youtube. Afterwards it seemed to me that more people would benefit from hearing his message, that there was a time when protesting man's inhumanity against one another was aceptable in the mass media, so I naturally considered sharing it with the biggest audience possible... Reddit.

But, and this is what rankles me, there's almost no place for it on Reddit. The /r/video subreddit doesn't allow politics, /r/politicalhumor doesn't allow videos, and /r/politics doesn't allow links more than two weeks old.

So I'll just share it here. If you're intrigued then please explore more of this man's genius.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for January 9th, 2024

Trump on the Iowa school shootings: "Get over it."

Trump lawyer argues for allowing Trump to murder whoever he likes as President.

Trump apparently a frequent flier on the Lolita Express.

Trump loses appeal for immunity in E. Jean Carroll case.

Trump wishes out loud for the economy to crash.

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The progressive comic about Trump's lunatic base.

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