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The progressive comic about the murderous abortion laws in Texas.

end rant

In Texas There Be Monsters

There is no logical rationale for the prohibition of abortion. Not medical, not religious, not even out of pure Republican ignorance. The only possible reason for Conservatives to be so Hell bent on restricting Constitutionally protected rights of women is to remind them of their place in this world, which is that of brood mare and nothing but.

Am I suggesting, in this comic, that Texas politicians are treating Texas women like animals? Yes.

These recent abortion restrictions in this country are the thin edge of a wedge that can rapidly be transformed into a hammer, and women are the nails. It is no stretch of the imagination to comprehend that those who would take a little of one's freedom will gladly take it all.

Save yourself and your daughters to come. Vote Blue.


The ISP hosting my many web sites has been unable to provide stats since last September. Each month I contact my tech support guy, Travis, asking what the problem is and every month he writes back saying "We're on it." but still no stats.

After his last response I felt the need to drive home the problem a little more…. creatively:

Travis, I appreciate your help but I want you to understand that my interest in the stats is not just for me, it's for the little ones. It's for the little children who run up to me every day, tears in their eyes, saying "Mister, we're scared. When will the stats come again?" and I have to look down at their dirty little faces, their bare feet, their torn and ragged "Where's the Beef?" t-shirts and I tell them "Soon, my loves. Soon the stats will come again, and the sun will shine, and the sweet rain will wash away the uncertainty of not knowing if there is anyone left who cares to visit our humble web sites." And then they return to their little cardboard boxes which they call home to escape for a while the toxic miasma which grips their lungs like a fist, but they return with smiles on their faces because they know a brighter future awaits us all, because someday the stats will come again and we will have you to thank for it.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for January 5th, 2024

While in the White House Grifterzilla received $7.8 in bribes from foreign countries.

Appeals court shits all over women and their Constitutionally protected right to an abortion.

House Republicant refuses to pass bills that will help Biden.

Happy Traitors Day!

Illinois voters seek to have Trump tossed off the ballot.

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The progressive comic about the murderous abortion laws in Texas.

trump's voters comic suicide hotline comic