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The progressive comic about Trump's legal advisors

end rant


When Trump tells his base that he's going to be dictator on Day One this is my interpretation of what he means:

The Republican Party will find some means to steal the Presidential election, and Democratic voters will quickly figure out how but only after the vote has been counted. Thousands, possibly millions, of angry Democrats will then show up on Inauguration Day in Washington to say "No!" to an obvously illegitimate presidency, so Trump will command U.S. soldiers to shoot and kill them.

That's what he's saying.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for January 12th, 2024

Trump personally responsible for 17,000 Covid deaths.

Fifteen Republican Governors intentionally let poor children go hungry.

Trump ordered to pay $400,000 for his frivolous lawsuit.

IRS collected more than $520 million from rich tax cheats.

President Joe Biden announces new wave of student debt cancellations.

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Trump consults with his legal team, two rat devils standing on his shoulder.
Rat: And think about this, when you're president again you can assassinate your enemies legally.
Trump: Terrific! Say, what happened to the one with the halo and the harp?
He fell out a window.

The progressive comic about Trump's legal advisors.

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