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The progressive comic about militarized police

end rant

Holes In the Head

The voluminous Uvalde report which surfaced last week had the rather obvious assertion buried deep within its epic bowels:

"The police need to do their duty and stop the armed assailants who are killing other people regardless of their personal safety."

That seems reasonable on only the most minimal of levels. It would have been much more helpful had the report gotten to the root of the problem and stated bluntly:

"The easy access to weapons of war in this country has made it near impossible for law enforcement to protect the very citizens who pay their salaries. It is time to restrict gun usage to well-regulated militias, like the Second Amendment to the Constitution clearly spells out, and not just allow any nincompoop who enjoys loud noises to possess or use the damn things. If someone needs a gun to hunt for their food we can work something out but enough of this school shooting stuff! And fuck Greg Abbott with a big rubber dick!"


Wasn't it terrible that Trump confused Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi?

No, what's terrible is that Trump commanded the National Guard to stand down on January 6th and is blaming it on Pelosi.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for January 25th, 2024

Over a quarter of Americans don't identify with a religion. (Oh, thank Asimov!)

Trump's pal Peter Navarro found guilty and sentenced to actual jail time for denying January 6th subpoena.

Arizona Republican Party chair, Jeff DeWit, resigns after being caught doing a typically Republican thing.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is killing migrants and may soon get Federally dick-punched by Biden.

The U.S. economy, which Trump is begging will crash, grew at a spectacular 3.3% rate while inflation is easing. Go, Joe!

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The progressive comic about Uvalde and militarized police.

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