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The progressive comic about Nikki Haley and racism

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Two Little Indians

The punditocracy offered a lot of good reasons why Ron DeSantis chose this precise moment to end his campaign for president. For now, anyway. Money woes, lack of enthusiasm, a height and charisma deficit, take your pick. But I think he dropped out because he did TOO well in Iowa.

Hear me out.

Both Haley and DeSantis got 25% of the Iowa vote compared to the Tangerine Tycoon's 50%. This made the Goldenrod Clod look weak. Which he is. Especially since he can't tell Nikki from Nancy these days.

So what better way for the Dijon Dope to appear strong again than by having political party goons lean on Ron to hit the exits and thus serving up for himself larger slices of the electorate pie in subsequent primaries. Since DeSantis is a gutless, mealy-mouthed bully that evidently wasn't hard to do.

This leaves Haley as the only real competitor for the presidency at the moment but after she loses, badly, in her home state she'll either leave gracefully or limp along towards the finish line hoping that the Apricot Conman either gets convicted of something, anything, or he completely loses his marbles and eats a baby on Main Street, mistaking it for Big Mac.


BTW, does anyone remember that Nikki gave up her UN ambassadorship a mere 17 months after getting the nod from the Saffron Simpleton? It came a complete surprise to everyone at the time but political commentators suspected it was because her "voice of moderation" was out of step with the administrations policies.

Funny, when you consider that voice of moderation supported the withdrawal form the Iran nuclear deal, the withdrawal from the United Nations Human Rights Council and the withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.

Actually, the reason was probably that she needed money (a million-dollar mortgage will do that) and her stint as the Pumpkin Pooh-bah's token female ex-employee gave her plenty of bone fides to start a conservative political advocacy group that banked $71 million, and was later given a $300,000 seat on the Boeing board of directors. Yes, that Boeing, taking up the same anti-union truncheon she wielded as governor of SC.

There's no sweeping summation of all this. I just thought I'd share.


Technical note: I was not happy with the original iteration of this comic so I altered the words in the last two panels in a way that now pleases me and is more to the point. If you wish to see the original, click here.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for January 22nd, 2024

The Coral Commandant's brain is turning into guacamole.

Deep-fake Biden robocalls are a thing now.

Biden administration unveils new actions to protect contraception and abortion access.

People who believe in imaginary friends think a rapist fraud is their ideal choice for President.

Consumer economic sentiment is on a steep rise.

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The progressive comic about Nikki Haley and racism.

uvalde police comic mike johnson comic