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The progressive comic about Mike Johnson's religious lunacy

end rant

Altar Ego

Yes, Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson was actually asked the question in the first panel and was dumb enough to answer it according to his faith. The rest was pure Lefty extrapolation.


Why did Russia invade Ukraine?

Think about that for a moment and contrive your own best guess.

Now here's what I've heard.... Russia invaded Ukraine because Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to rule the world.

It's a simple story.

Taiwan makes microprocessors that run the world, which is why China wants Taiwan under its control. If you own the chips and can program them to suit your ideology you can control the flow of information on the internet with your own AI.

(Update: On 1-21-24 Trump intimated he'd allow China to invade Taiwan because "Taiwan did take all of our chip business.")

But if China invades Taiwan the West will cut off its supply of wheat, 40% of which is imported. When people go hungry, they revolt. Bad news for Xi.

Ukraine has wheat. Lots of wheat. And Russia stole as much Ukraine wheat as they could during the invasion.

Layer this contemplation with China's desire to replace the USD in world markets with the yuan. All it would take is for a world economic crisis (pandemic), the bloating of the U.S. national debt (Trump, Bush, Reagan), and the actions of a treasonous branch of the U.S. Conservative political party whose seemingly only purpose is to shut down the government and crash the U.S. economy at every possible opportunity.

You might be asking yourself "Why would the Republican Party be fighting so hard to help Russia overrun Ukraine? Do they actually want to be part of an authoritarian oligarchy that ruthlessly discards Democracy?"


Thank goodness we have a President whose first priorities included funding for domestic processor construction. Go Joe!

And thank goodness we don't have a President who would leave NATO and let Russia and China do whatever they wanted.

As for Putin, if Trump had stolen the 2020 election, he would have gotten all he ever wanted and most of Western Europe, too.

Just sayin'.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for January 19th, 2024

Half of recent US inflation due to high corporate profits.

Biden administration to forgive $4.9 billion in student debt.

Trump biographer says he's in cognitive decline.

A list of the horrible things Trump promises he will inflict upon this country from the White House.

The Uvalde school shooting proves that gun-loving cops are fucking cowards and hypocrites.

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(Actual question and actual answer)
Speaker Johnson, do you believe that Biden's presidency is God's will?
Do you believe Trump's presidency was also God's will?
Do you believe that in 2020 God preferred Biden to Trump?
So if you back Trump in 2024 are you defying God's will?
Thinks: God dammit.

The progressive comic about Mike Johnson's religious lunacy.

nikki haley comic trump and dictator comic