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The progressive editorial cartoon about foreign workers.

end rant

The Immigrants Strike Back.

I know, I know, we've all heard this argument before. We rational folks understand how imporant immigrants are to the functioning of this country, right from the very beginning, because 99.99% of us ARE immigrants. So please consider this cartoon, delivered in possibly the most boring fashion ever (And someday I'll learn the lesson of using cute kittens or buxom babes to sharing my message) just another bludgeon to the head of those who prefer hatred over logic.


When I heard that Senator Diane Feistein had died the first thing came to my demented mind was that Mitch McConnell would block her replacement because we're too close to a national election.

That is a very cynical, and very accurate, observation about Mitch Fucking McConnell, a reptile man who will always click the evil button.


Although Ms. Feinstein's final days were fraught with concern over her mental state she labored in the Senate with grace and dignity and we were lucky to have her. You did good, ma'am. Rest in peace.


Regarding the "impeachment hearings" yesterday, the only persons under oath in that room were the four witnesses who all admitted they had no first-hand evidence of any crimes by President Biden.

Just like a real legal proceeding.

There were key fact witnesses ready to testify today in defense of Mr. Biden but the House GOP excluded them from testimony.

Just like a real legal proceeding.

House members, specifically Republican members, not being under oath were allowed by the Speech and Debate clause to, legally, lie their butts off today, which they did.

Just like a real legal proceeding.

Lastly, there should have been a vote on the floor as to whether the "impeachment" should proceed, as in the impeachment inquiries of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, but there wasn't one, because it would have failed.

Just like a real kangaroo court run by banana Republicans.


Anyone else surprised that fake-Democrat RFK Jr. has decided to run as a "Not-a-chance-in-Hell-of-being elected" or "Not-a-party-splitter-at-all-like-Putin-butt-kisser-Jill-Stein" or "Clinton-did-too-good-of-a-job-for-this-country-as-President-so-I'm-running-interference-for-that-boy-genius-George-W-Bush-guy-Ralph-Nader" Independent?

Anyone? Anyone?


Note: To end some confusion about the intent of the "gag" I altered the opening line to include a date. As for the "registered voter" part, that shall remain a mystery known only to myself. (grin)


end rant

Lefty News for September 29th, 2023

Senator Diane Feinstein, 1933-2023.

Retiring General Mark Tilley: "The U.S. military knows what a tin-pot dictator looks like, and it looks like Donald Trump, so you should know that we're cool."

Trump and his children go on trial for fraud on Monday.

Trump's autoworker speech was a complete fraud.

Texas Democratic Congressman Jasmine Crockett goes on epic rant over Republican dog-and-pony show.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

This is headline news for may 16th, 2024 and the immigrant strike continues into its sixth month.
Nearly all restaurants have closed. Almost all construction has ceased. Most grocery stores stand nearly empty.
All foreign workers who returned to their native countries six months ago still say they won't return until universal health care is enacted and Trump is banished to the island of St. Helena.
Finally, in political news, registered Democrats still outnumber registered Republicans. And now here's Gloria with tips on spicing up those rat-burgers.

The progressive editorial cartoon about foerign workers.

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