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The progressive editorial cartoon about the auto strike.

end rant

On the Road (to Destitution) Again

Pick-up trucks, even brand new ones, used to be inexpensive because they were basic working vehicles, the kind where even the heater was an add-on option. They were never intended to be the rolling wombs of hedonistic splendor they are now.

As a result, today the average payment for an F-150 in this country is almost $1000 a month. Considering the back half of a pick-up is mostly air there's something sinister going on here.

Ford is not alone in this shame, of course, as there's any number of lumbering leviathans blocking the view of the road ahead from most every manufacturer.



While pondering the auto strike I wondered if the current, deep-in-shit's-creek iteration of Trump has the mental competency to personally command a vehicle, besides a golf cart, that is. Joe Biden is always delighted, as we all know, to show off his Corvette chops whenever he can but I cannot ever recall Trump behind the wheel of a car.

Like, ever.

A little Googling revealed that this is a moot point as, due to the 1958 Former Presidents Act, former Presidents are not allowed to drive on public roads once they've left office. They can never be without Secret Service protection, never be alone, ever, because they have to acquire state secrets that you or I would probably have a coronary over.

They can no longer directly receive private mail, it has to go through the Secret Service, but can sit in on daily security meetings if the current president is amenable.

Additionally, ex-presidents are required, required, to establish a Presidential Library. (Any word on that, prisoner #P01135809. Any at all? Just asking.)

The final, most interesting part of the FPA is this: Former Chief Executives cannot share any classified information that wasn't shared while they were in office. (Ohhh... REEEEALY?) Which begs the question: Is there any penalty if a former president violates any of the above rules or are they intended for honorable presidents alone?

Guess I answered my own question.


end rant

Lefty News for September 27th, 2023

The "stable genius" just got caught red-handed as the fraud he is and is losing everything. EVERYTHING!

In addition to defrauding banks and insurers Trump admitted to influence peddling, to the murderous Saudi regime, in a recent deposition.

UAW boss has no time to visit with Trump, saying (and rightly so) that Trump works for the billionaire class.

President Joe Biden joined the auto workers on their picket line. Go, Joe!

The Senate adopts a formal dress code. Huzzah! The Republic is safe again.

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MAGA: Prices of cars are soaring thanks to Biden!
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The progressive editorial cartoon about the 2023 auto strike.

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