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Women who support Trump. I know you're out there. We need to talk, ladies. Let us all know if, and why, you still support this festering lump of gunk.


You know what Trump has that Hillary doesn't?
Sole possession of one of the most valuable databases in America: People so absurdly gullible that they'll gleefully send free money to a billionaire who promised to self-fund his campaign.


The GOP wanted to pass a Stupid Bill.

The President said "No! I will veto the Stupid Bill!", and he did.

The GOP said to Congress "Anyone not voting for the Stupid Bill will be seen as unpatriotic and get hammered in the elections."

So the Congress and Senate over-rode the veto.

The GOP then realized that the Stupid Bill will hurt the U.S. and the GOP's friends in the oil business.

The GOP then blamed the President for not veto-ing hard enough.

"Why", said the GOP to Mr. Obama, "did you just not come out in favor of the Stupid Bill, then we would have rejected it."

The GOP will now rewrite the Stupid Bill, but not until after the elections because there are still plenty of stupid voters who like the Stupid Bill.


At the end of the first presidential debate Hillary Clinton was asked if she'd accept a Trump candidacy should he win the election. She said, in so many ways, "Sure." But she knew, even then, that Trump had no chance in Hell of winning.

Still, I think she should have taken the opportunity to have said, "Should we have accepted the Supreme Court handing the presidency to George Bush in 2000? No. And should we have accepted the loss of 3.6 million votes in 2004 that cost John Kerry the presidency? No. So would I accept a Trump win? Not a chance in Hell."


We need to bring back the Blonde Joke... as Trump voter jokes:

Q: What does a Trump-voter and a beer bottle have in common?
A: They're both empty from the neck up.

Q: What do you call 10 Trump-voters standing ear to ear?
A: A wind tunnel.

Q: How do you kill a Trump voter?
A: Glue a gun to the bottom of a pool.

Q: How many dumb Trump-voter jokes are there?
A: None. They're all true.


end rant

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