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The progressive web comic about the first Trump vs. Clinton debate

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He Said, He Said.

I approached the first Clinton/Trump last night debate with some degree of trepidation because I was honestly unnerved that the enormous orange putz might have actually done his homework and was going to make a fight of it.


Mr. Debatus Interruptus brought the stupid from the work "go!" and it was high-LARious! His whole plan of attack was apparently to remind America that he was the candidate with the penis, most notably by treating Hillary like one of his housekeepers.

Big mistake.

What America learned last night that when T'rump has no crowd to work to, he doesn't have anything to say.


Trumps's been boasting today that he won a fist full of post-debate online polls but that's pretty much just his legions of Trump-bots at work. If you want to see what the race really looks like go see who the serious gamblers think will win at ElectionBetting.com. Currently, Hillary is way ahead of Trump 68% to 30%.


end rant

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