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'Member death panels?
I 'member.

It has become PAINFULLY difficult to create a cartoon that effectively insults Donald Trump. How the hell do you lampoon a man who is clearly (A) the worst human on Earth and (B) couldn't give a shit about anything outside of his wallet?


Didja see the VP debate last night. I didn't because VP debates only move the needle if one of them shoots the other.

However, there's been much mewling and whining about how Tim Kaine wouldn't let one of Mike Pence's many, MANY lies go unchallenged. Happily, it turned out to a bit of Democratic 4D chess which resulted in the campaign's best anti-Trump video yet. It's a brilliant two-fer, yet again exposing the crap-salad that Trump regurgitates and making Pence look like a lying, ignorant tool.

Anyone says Kaine lost the debate doesn't get it.


Speaking of the debate...

Anyone who plays chess knows of the twin-clock timer. Take one of these babies, hook it up to the mics at the debates so it runs only when the candidate is speaking (controlled by the moderator) and then give each debater 45 minutes to answer the questions put to them. No more of this "talking over each other" bullshit as the mics only work one at a time. It would also force the candidates to get to the point. (I'm looking at you, Pence!)

Once all the questions have been asked each candidate can use the extra time, if any, to make their final plea.

I'm not the first person to think of this but it's HIGH TIME we give something like this a try.


And, yeah, I know I missed creating a couple of comics this past week. I plan to atone. That's all I'm sayin'.


end rant

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