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The progressive editorial cartoon about women of color in government.

end rant

Melanin Power, Baby!

This cartoon is a reminder that the reason all of Trump's properties are going to be auctioned off soon is because the amazing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thought to ask Michael Cohen all the right questions at one of Trump's impeachments.


There's an old Chris Rock routine in which he riffs on the "Other malls". These are the shopping malls that White flight and major merchandisers left behind because of a rising urban demographic. These are sad, substandard facilities, compared to the newer "White malls" on the other side of town.

In a way our current Congress is an "Other Congress" as it's clearly in the hands of White owners who are preparing to move on to nice, shiny White fascist governments.

When you look at the White people running, and ruining our government we need to follow the advice of one Randi Rhodes, who reminds us: "If you really care for this country then we're all Black women now."


end rant

Lefty News for October 4th, 2023

Late News: Kevin McCarthy removed as Sp esker of the House by spiteful, whiny fascists.

Trump's properties will likely be auctioned off.

Trump cannot become Speaker of the House because the GOP passed a rule against indicted criminals. Bwahhhh-hahahahahahaha!

Temporary Speaker of the House flexes his asshole muscles.

President Joe Biden announces additional $9 billion in student debt relief.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Lefty: Who are you voting for next year?
Patricia: Well, I'd want someone who is not from the monied class. someone who understands the little man's problems. Someone who values education over propaganda and knows that everyone has worth. A person who long-term solutions, not short-term profits. Someone who is pro-choice and wants fair elections.
Okay, so who?
Sign: Women of Color 2024
I like it!

The progressive editorial cartoon about women of color.

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