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Lefty Sings the Blues!

And now the latest headlines from the Trump Chaos Machine!

• Famous 16-year-old climate activist refuses to meet Trump. Considers it a waste of time.
• Trump claims credit for new oil plant announced under President Obama.
• 9 in 10 counties that voted for Trump received tariff-related subsidies.
• Trump blinks on Chinese tariffs. Delays implementation until December. Maybe.
• Trump whines that "being president cost me a fortune".
• Trump guts Endangered Species Act to benefit oil and gas interests.
• Trump moves to limit states ability to restrict oil pipelines.
• Trump may have tweeted classified information about U.S. missile development.
• Trump criticizes the Oscars, because he's a big fat idiot.
• California sues to stop Trump rollback of restrictions on coal-burning plants.
• Trump raises racist stakes with "public charge" Executive Order.
• California announces lawsuits against Trump "public charge" plan.
• Donald Trump Jr. ignores conflict of interest in Trump Hotel ribbon-cutting in Jakarta.
• 2 states sue Trump's EPA over "Dirty Power" rule.
• Trump applauds China's troop movement to Hong Kong's border.
• Trump defends spreading conspiracy theory about Epstein death.
• American taxpayers paid over $90 billion more under Trump tax law.
• Trump's immigration chief offers racist rewrite of the Statue of Liberty poem.
• U.S corn farmers face $3.5 billion loss due to Trump tariffs.
• Trump's FCC caught lying in plan to harm small wireless providers.
• Trump refuses to debate Republican challenger to the presidency.
• Trump has spread at least 23 conspiracy theories. - Washington Post
• Trump's Sec. of Agriculture mocks farmers for being "whiners" about tariffs.
• Trump administration at helm of record $3.7 trillion dollar spending spree.
• Trump is driving the U.S toward a recession. - Salon
• Trump passes 12,000 lies milestone since taking office.
• Republicans delighted with president just smart enough to use a pen. - Esquire
• Analysis shows that Trump could lose Texas in 2020.


t-Rump wants to deport people who are "public charges". Which is not a bad idea.

Because when Fat Hitler goes to jail that will make him a public charge, which would be a good excuse to deport him to Iran.


The same president* who now demands to know every tiny detail about an immigrant's financial status still refuses to let anyone see his tax returns.

As far as anyone knows Tinyfingers McCrankypants may not have two dimes to rub together, making him a charge of the state, meaning.....

Heyyyyy, wait a minute!


Funny thing about Jeffrey Epstein's death. It means he can't be sued by his accusers because he can no longer be tried and found guilty for his crimes.

You might be getting a sense of deja vu here.

Anyone remember Ken Lay?

He "died of a heart attack" in 2001 while his conviction in the Enron scandal was being appealed, which meant his fortune was then safe from marauding creditors. (His family claimed he was penniless but eight years later Enron Creditors came to an agreement with Lay's wife for an undisclosed, but presumably large, portion of Lay's remaining wealth.)

Lay was quickly cremated after his death, so there is no digging up the corpse and giving it a DNA check. Wanna bet Epstein goes under the broilers, too?

Need I remind you that Ken Lay was a major financial supporter of George W. Bush's run for the presidency? Dubya called him "Kenny-Boy". Which means this isn't just deja vu, this is more like page 237 from "The Republican Book of Pulling the Wool Over the Public's Eyes While giving Them A Good Ass-Fucking."

I know this sounds like deep-fried conspiracy in a conspiracy sauce but everything EVERYTHING Republicans touch leaves behind a sticky, odorous residue.

Don't play the piano shooter.


end rant

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