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Progressive comic about the end being near for Trump.

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Suicide Is Painless For Epstein Co-Conspirators

The medical examiner in the death of Jeffrey Epstein has just announced he died when he catastrophically collapsed as a result of jet fuel melting his steel beams.

Anyway, that's the way I heard it.


The following is the Trump Chaos Report for Thursday, August 15. Sensitive viewers may want to go lie down or put a towel over their heads.

• Trump calls El Paso Republican mayor a "RINO" in private meeting.

• Appeals court rules Trump must provide hygiene products to migrants.

• Half of Americans say Trump has increased the threat of mass shootings.

• Trump shares tweet from QAnon conspiracy theorist.

• Tea Party ex-congressman, Joe Walsh, says Trump is "Unfit con man".

• Fox News: Trump's disapproval rate at 56%.

• Trump's sons racked up in $250k Secret Service costs in a single month.

• Trump accuses media of crashing the economy.

• No, seriously! Trump accused the media of crashing the economy.

• Trump pressured Mnuchin to label China as "currency manipulator".

• Ex-Trump campaign manager, Lewandowsky, subpoenaed by Senate.

• Trump commands Israel to deny visit by U.S. Congresswomen because he's a big fat idiot.

• Trump says he… what? He wants to buy Greenland? Sigh.

• New Trump trucking regulations will make the roads more dangerous.

• Trump reverses position, now says trade war with China was never going to be easy.

• Trump praises NH lawmaker who once called for Hillary to be shot for treason.

• Trump Labor Department hoping to allow religious discrimination.

• Fox News poll: Trump losing big against Biden, Warren, Sanders, Harris.

• Did I mention Trump accused the media of crashing the economy?


I don't often post t-Rump tweets because, to be honest, a booger glob sizzling on a hot summer sidewalk emanates more intelligent sounds than anything that escapes Fat Hitler's sweaty hamberder hole, but this tweet.... sigh.

"The Fake News Media is doing everything they can to crash the economy because they think that will be bad for me and my re-election."

The media. The media is crashing the economy.

The media.

Oh, lovely booger glob, tell me beautiful stories. I am so sick of this giant orange turd.


end rant

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