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Progressive comic about Trump inciting a race war.

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The Ear of the Beholder

Mango Mussolini has a new plan to keep migrants in his detention camps indefinitely.

As in indefinitely.

His next plan will, no doubt, involve saving energy by burning the bodies of the asylum seekers who die in the camps.

Hey, it worked so well before.


The following is the Trump Chaos Report for Wednesday, August 21. Please keep arms and legs inside the ride at all times.

• Trump claims Google cost him 16 million votes in 2016.

• Trump says there can't be a recession because everyone is rich.

• Trump: There is no recession but we need to cut fed rates in order to stop the recession.

• Trump claims New York Times is losing a fortune. (It's doing fine.)

• Trump's insults of mayor of Dayton forces her to hire additional security.

• Trump: "Do you want a great president or a great guy. I think I'm a great guy. "(Yes. He admits he sucks.)

• Trump goes full anti-semite. Says that Jews that don't vote for him are disloyal.

• Trump has spent nearly a third of his time in office visiting his properties.

• Three children die of the flu in Trump's concentration camps.

• Trump will not provide flu vaccines for migrants in detention camps.

• Trump adviser lies, says tariffs don't hurt Americans.
• Trump's tariffs estimated to cost American families $1000 per year.

• Trump admits his trade war will cause a recession.

• To deflect attention away from Epstein and his concentration camps Trump continues to gaslight America about Greenland.

• Something funny is going on with Trump's taxes at the IRS. (more later)

• Trump inflated value of his Scottish resorts by $165 million.

• Women voters abandoning Trump in huge numbers.

• 55,000 migrants sue Trump administration over torture in his camps.

• Trump backs down on background checks for gun purchases. No one is surprised.


The White House found the 16 million votes that t-Rump claimed Google stole from him. They were in the same drawer as t-Rump's taxes, his bronzed baby bone spurs, a check for $35 billion from Mexican President Obrador, his beautiful and affordable health plan, and Obama's Kenyan birth certificate.


Aaaand finally... Two days before his death Jeffrey Epstein changed his will. All of his money is now going to a Mr. Meffrey Mepstein who lives in an unnamed country without U.S. extradition laws.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

What Trump says: I'm building a wall! NFL players should not kneel. There are fine people on both sides out there. No immigrants from shithole countries! We can't have public charges. Baltimore is a rat-infested mess. No background checks. The Squad should go back where they came from. Jews are disloyal.
What his voters hear: Race war!

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