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The progressive editorial cartoon about the GOP impeachment of Joe biden.

end rant

Brawn Sage Religion

The Scriptures are full of silly nonsense... talking bushes, talking snakes, boats carrying the whole of Earth's vertebrate fauna, etc.

Perhaps the silliest story we let slide by unremarked is that of god boinking a virgin so she'll squirt him out a savior. Why a virgin? Why even a woman? God could have impregnated a man, or a sheep, or a rock if he so chose. I mean, he's god, you know. Wouldn't a woman who was already a veteran of the gestation wars be a better nursery for god's precious, celestial sperm than an untested rookie?

Without doubt this "virgin" nonsense is just a simple reflection of the social mores of the time, not unlike contemporary ones, where young women gravid outside the accepted social structure is Big Trouble. For the girl, that is. So what better way for a damsel in such a delicate condition to shut the local Council of Cranky Elders down than to claim He Who Hath Done Created Everything made a furtive, midnight rendezvous to one's maidenly restricted area and got all deflowery one hot summer night.

The yuckier version of this myth is that even way back yonder there were certainly plenty of horn-dogs macking on sweet young thangs. A virgin teen was probably a pretty hot fantasy date so considering the stories of legend were written by men it should come as no surprise that it occurs front and center in such fictional works that we currently call "The Bible". And we put this smutty thing in school libraries. Tsk-tsk.


What I wouldn't give to have had Al Franken pretending to grab his date's boobs while sitting next to Lauren Boebert as she and her date practiced the button-fly bassoon just to watch Republican head's explode trying to justify Boebert's actions over Al's.


I'm becoming of the opinion that we NEED to send millionaires to Congress. Whenever we send those from underprivileged backgrounds we always seem to get Boebertses and Sinemases and Santoses.

At least with pre-millionaired Congressmen we know they arrived pre-crooked. (Republicans only.)

Like Mitch McConnell, who arrived in Washington metaphorically wearing a cardboard belt and now he's a multi-millionaire. I guess that Virginia paper route he had really fattened the old bankroll.


About thirty years ago a giant asteroid slammed into Texas killing every vertebrate Republican in the state, leading to the current epoch of the Cockroach Congress, one that rapturously wades through lagoons of black, oozing, stinking corrupt petro-bribes as though it were milk from mama's teats.

But that's completely separate from the Texas Senate vote that vindicated Ken Paxton. He's still the Texas AG because the Trumpski's threatened the Senators with Trump-backed opposition in the coming primaries if they didn't play along. What those Senators don't realize is that they were marked men from the beginning. If they had to bow to outside pressure to free Paxton then they weren't Trump men anyway, now were they?

Everything Trump touches dies. Good luck, gents. Actually, screw you guys.


If I may be so bold, Texas became a stinking political shithole because, while all the major cities vote Blue and get plenty of funding for voting security, all the small cities are wide open to electronic vote fraud. Texas is famous for small towns of "Population: 312 and a mule" somehow reporting 11,780 votes for anything with an (R) after its name.


end rant

Lefty News for September 20th, 2023

Congressman Fetterman threatens to wear a suit if House Republicans will quit being idiots.

Taylor Swift is encouraging fans to register to vote (Democratic, hint-hint) and it's working BIG-TIME.

Trump is, surprise-surprise, preparing himself for time in the Big House.

Women of America: Trump is the reason pregnant women are dying unnecessarily. Vote accordingly.

Schadenfreude Alert: Former impeachment prosecutor of President Clinton sentenced to 22 months in jail

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The progressive editorial cartoon about rape-baby Jesus.

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