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The progressive editorial cartoon about Supreme court overreach.


I'm beginning to worry about the writer's strike as the public is informationally poorer from the lack of late night TV's incisive, amusing examination of the fascist Republican candidates leading into the primary season.

Am I the only one thinking it odd that this writer's strike is occurring right at the perfect time when Republican candidates are lining up for the primary season
? Pardon me if I don my magic cynical pants and my conspiratorial chapeau and wax undeniably suspicious about entertainment programming that is ultimately controlled by boardrooms staffed by powerful, entitled white men eager to increase profits at the Republic's expense rather than by starry-eyed liberals defending our fragile democracy at every turn out of general altruism.

And what if the strike continues long enough that these same corporate entities determine that profits from the Kimmels and the Myers and the Fallons are so relatively negligible that they can be replaced by wacky cat videos and Seinfeld reruns and no one would bat an eye?


To all my American peeps, a personally rewarding day of rest and self-abuse as we celebrate the tattered scraps of our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. I hoist a veggie hot dog on high in your honor and salute you all for keeping the faith, and I hope that someday we have fewer guns on this country's streets, fewer Conservative judges on the Supreme Court and a national anthem that is less about a piece of cloth and more about the magnificence of  this land and the people who dwell there.



end rant

Lefty News for July 4th, 2023

Ron DeSantist is a loooooooooser.

The "gay wedding website" decision was based on a lie. But the six Conservative Supreme Court justices do not care.

Ex-Trump spokesperson claims she saw Trump showing off classified documents.

Lindsay Graham booed in is home state.

Trump pressured Arizona governor to overturn 2020 election.

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
then enjoy the fuzzy love of The Poozycat Project :

the infinite cat project

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Supreme court legislative overreach.

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