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The progressive editorial cartoon about armed guards in schools.

A Hole in the Head

Scot Peterson was just acquitted of not doing his job of protecting the adults and children murdered at Parkland elementary by an armed gunman.

Meaning, legally, having armed guards at schools doesn't protect anyone as they now have a legal right to say "Oops! Sorry." instead of doing their goddamn job.

The only meaningful solution to saving school children from another massacre is to outlaw assault weapons.


Don't be too disappointed on the decision over Affirmative Action. I mean, other than the prestige, the lifetime appointment, the perpetual financial security, the corruption, the graft, the lack of scruples, the rape, the callousness, and the unchecked power, Supreme Court Justices are just like us!


I was somewhat concerned that the last cartoon wasn't resulting in the expected flood puddle of comment but the critical cupboard was bare. I'm usually sent an email alert from the home office every time someone vents their spleen and hits the Submit button, but bupkis.

I eventually had to sign in to my comment system account to see the sizeable backlog. Yikes!

I'll look into this problem and hope there's an easy solution but I'll also check the account more often, too.

Ah loves you guys, and gals.


end rant

Lefty News for June 30, 2023

The Spanish Inquisition, uh, I mean, the Six Dominionists on the Supreme Court legislate from the bench on student debt relief.

The Six Conservative Whores on the Supreme Court legalize discrimination.

The Six White Supremacists on the Supreme Court give the finger to America's minorities.

The whole damn Court ignores the Establishment Clause.

The Supreme Court to decide if violent spouses can keep their guns. Gosh, I wonder how they'll rule.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Principal: Thank you for applying to be armed guard for our school.
Guard: It's an honor, sir. I'm looking forward to fending off armed intruders.
Oh, you don't have to shoot anyone. Legally, when bullets start flying you might as well just go take a nap.
Then who am I protecting?
The status quo of the second half of the 2nd Amendment.

The progressive editorial cartoon about armed school guards

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