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The progressive editorial cartoon about useless republican promises.

Glass Hammers

Note to Republican presidential candidates: The idea is not to help your opponent by justifying his criminal behavior. The idea is to offer better ideas, not promising him a get out of jail free card.


During most of Trump's tenure in the White House he leaned heavily on the flimsy legal opinion that nothing the President does is illegal.

The last President who tried that got banished from politics and died in shame. Let's make it 2-for-2.


Inflation dropping like a rock, unemployment low, no recession, gas prices stable, Trump will be in jail until he rots, and the Lindberg baby has been found (kidding), all thanks to having Joe Biden as President.

Thank, Joe!

BTW, I'm not suggesting Joe can alter gas prices. He can't. But he can govern in a way that helps keep them stable, which he has.


While I was making breakfast yesterday the radio was warning of the dire heat wave a'comin' to North Texas, that the Texas-only electrical grid was in danger of catastrophic collapse. So I checked the forecast...

99 degrees.

Are you kiddin' me? That's, you know... Texas. This is only just above the "normal" reading in June.

Still, these temps are going to cause a WHOLE lot of people, including many who just moved here (no Texas income tax but the highest home taxes in the known universe), to crank the A/C down to just above freezing so they will, I suppose, have plenty of cold on hand when the system goes FOOM! Sort of like when drivers are running low on gas will floor it so they'll reach the gas station sooner.


I've spent the better part of the past several decades learning how to best cool my home without burdening the electric grid. It's all about ventilation, which builders of "modern" homes in my area almost completely neglect. Their ideal is a closed box that holds in all the heat and cold (and toxins) that the grid will endure.

This is kind of important as we've crossed an environmental rubicon. Researchers now calculate that the summer ice caps of this planet will be a permanent memory come 2030. This will affect EVERYTHING that has to do with jet streams and ocean currents. Meaning food on your table and life in the ocean.

The quiet part which I'll say out loud:
I'm of course wasting my time trying to extend the life of the human race a little by being cautious about my CO2 usage because the oil companies don't give a living shit about aught but profits and they have enough of the world's politicians in their pockets to ensure nothing ever changes.

Stay frosty.


Okay, enough curmudgeonosity. Here's something beautiful that makes my heart rise and cavort in ecstasy every time I hear it. Believe me, these days, I need all Ii can get.


end rant

Lefty News for June 16, 2023

Democratic PAC announces "This F*cking Guy" campaign against Trump.

Tennessee Democratic congressmen expelled by Republican jerks win primaries for their old seats.

If you want to know what the "Defund the police" meme was really all about then read this.

Iowa Supreme Court strikes down 6-week abortion ban law.

Trump to face wave-after-wave of trials. (Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!)

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
then enjoy the fuzzy love of The Poozycat Project :

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The progressive editorial cartoon about useless thing.

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