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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's supporters

Sand Trapped

In case you hadn't heard, the PGA stopped holding tournaments at the Grope Dope's golf courses because of the attack on the Capitol. But now the Saudi Arabian-owned LIV is coming soon to Whiny McWhiny-pants properties. Isn't that swell?


I can't wait for Maga Loco to be on the witness stand for ANY of the seemingly endless crimes he's committed over the past six years. I'm sure it'll be an endless stream of the prosecution going "Will you please shut the fuck up and answer the question!" and I will be sitting there in front of the TV in my Spider-Man pajamas just laughing my ass off.

How long before Chunky Hitler's narcissism and entitlement reach the boiling point, especially when he has to sit there and watch his former friends, business associates, possibly even a lawyer or two spilling the deepest darkest beans in this country's history?

'm almost thinking I need to start a betting pool on the odds of Trump being bound and gagged. Does 50-to-1 sound good to anyone?


end rant

Lefty News for June 14, 2023

Trump arrested over classified documents case.

E. Jean Carroll pursues new $10 million lawsuit against Trump.

Trump is scared shitless.

Former Trump AG Bill Barr: "Trump is toast.".

Fed keeps interest rates unchanged for first time in 18 months.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

The two types of Trump supporters.
The dumb kind that thinks he's smart, and the smart kind that knows he's dumb.
Red Hat and KKK guy: He's the chosen one! He's a brilliant businessman! He's playing 13-D chess! He'll fix everything!
Arab sheik: Oh, you betcha, Donald. I'll host all my tournaments at your golf courses. All I need in return are a few little documents that you can declassify with your giant brain.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump supporters.

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