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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump escaping

Edible Complex

Is it pure coincidence that, shortly after Trump left office with ALLL that classified information, foreign informants and spies recruited by America began dying in alarming numbers?

And was Trump's main goal in stealing those classified documents meant to shake America's confidence among its allies? Surrre seems like it now.


In 2016 Trump promised he would eliminate the federal deficit in 8 years. What he probably meant was that he would destroy the American government in 8 years and, as dictator, declare the debt someone else's problem.


If the world had perfected solar power very early on in its technological history the very idea of destroying the environment and poisoning the air employing the combustion of a poisonous liquid would have been deemed ludicrous. Preposterous even.

But we understand how ridiculous it is now and are racing to amend that mistake. (Side note: We would be better off powering our vehicles with hydrogen but, for now, batteries will do.)

There is certainly room in this world for the use of refined crude oil as a lubricant (though plants surely could provide enough industrial strength lubricant had the Earth not become saturated with the stuff due to natural processes) but its profligate use to just drive one's land yacht to the Piggly Wiggly for some canned cheese is absurd.

What does this have to do with today's cartoon? Only that today's easily-accessible, commercially available proteins, I.E. meat on the hoof, is the crude petroleum of the dinner table. Its overuse is just as bad for the health of our environment, and ourselves, as anything from under the sands of Saudi Arabia. The introduction of plant-based proteins is, in a sense, the new electric car of the kitchen.

So eating less meat = burning less oil. Or, to stretch the metaphor further, go full vegan and walk everywhere.


Pat Robertson, still dead.

Rush Limbaugh, celebrating 18 months of sobriety.


end rant

Lefty News for June 12, 2023

Who has been padding the halls, and bathrooms, of Mar-a-Lago? Chinese nationals!

People with Nazi flags and Ron DeSantis signs protested outside Disney World.

U.S. Senate opens investigation into PGA/LIV golf "merger".

U.S. rejoins UNESCO, paying back dues, in order to counter Chinese influence.

Trump suggests he'd take a plea deal (giggle) if he's paid enough in damages. (BWAHHHHHH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

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