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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's cruel and moronic supporters.

Swift Response

Anyone remember the TEA Party? The "taxed enough already" guys? As I recall they arrived in Washington, DC, way back in 2009 loaded for bear because the then-President was hoping to improve their lives with better health care for all.

Where were these "patriots" when Trump's idiot platoon was trying to overthrow the government on January 6th? And where were they when a Republican-led government passed and signed into law the PATRIOT Act? You know, the 2000-page bill that was somehow ready for the floors of Congress while the remains of the Twin Towers were still smoldering after the attacks of September 11th? You know, the law that has neutered much of the Bill of Rights? (All but the Guns For Everyone part, of course.) That one?

And where were they when Trump actually raised their taxes and gave it all to the rich in 2018?

I actually have a pretty good guess. They're at home, still (secretly) drinking Bud Lite and stroking their blue-steel dildos while awaiting new orders, and paychecks, from any of the many Conservative think tanks.


You know, here at the old Raging Pencils popsicle stand I've touched on many sensitive subjects over the years (abortion, religion, Nickleback) but I'm not sure I have ever struck a nerve so profoundly as that of the apparent legions of decaf quaffers in the world who beheld my last 'toon. In retrospect, I understand their dismay at my attack on their coffee-flavored beverage of choice as I've had to adjust my diet over the years in response to a nervous system that began playing practical jokes on me all because I learned, to my regret, that increased caffeine<>adequate sleep.

I had many other examples of "useless things" I could have portrayed in that particular 'toon, like "BMW turn signals" or "glass hammers", but the ones I chose were the one's funnest (and easiest) to draw. This single rule is paramount in my cartoons, second only to "What the fuck has Trump done now?"

But what's done is done and I hope that I and the vast decaf demographic of this fragile world can reach an agreement wherein they can continue to enjoy their bitter brown liquid in peace and contentment and I can continue to be a complete ass about almost anything else. <grin>

Happy Juneteenth, one and all!


end rant

Lefty News for June 19, 2023

Judge: Trump is so screwed that he must be babysit by a lawyer when reviewing the evidence against him.

Judge to Trump: "Zip it, treason-boy!".

New and very accurate poll reveals public thinks Trump is a lying, evil, disgusting and dangerous criminal... and Biden is too old.

Politicians promising Trump a pardon are basically saying that he's guilty... GUILTY-GUILTY-GUILTY!

Affluent people paying huge sums of money to do a really dangerous thing suffer ironic disappointment.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's idiot supporters.

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