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The progressive editorial cartoon about murder tools.

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What the Actual Duck?

The tracers at night, are big and bright


Deep in the hearts of Texans!


I'm thinkin' that if the Republican Party was really honest about flooding the streets with guns then they ought to be stumping for a cannibalism clause in the Second Amendment.

Think about it.

If it was legal to kill and eat one another then the rising numbers of senseless gun deaths would have a practical side that I'm sure they would approve of as long as it was the "right people" on the menu.

Yes, walking into a public schoolroom full of sweet, juicy young primates and picking off a couple for dinner on your way home from a hard day of assaulting desperate women entering abortion clinics would be an excellent way to manage the old food budget.
I mean, have you SEEN meat prices lately?

Combine this new Constitutional right with the recent Conservative thrust of enforcing pregnancy and simultaneously lowering the marriage age for girls, necessary for repopulating the herd, and you understand the Republicans bold vision for a happier, healthier and well- fed America!

Eat your heart out, Jonathan Swift. (Pun intended.)


So the Republican Party is keen on crashing the economy. Why? Weren't they happy with the way they crashed it in 2009?


end rant

Lefty News for May 2, 2023

Wife of SCOTUS Judge Roberts made $10 million dollars, that we know of, from top law firms.

Only 44 per cent of American approve of the Supreme Court.

Trump's own words proves he's guilty of wire fraud.

America could go right in the dumper and Republicans wouldn't be happier.

Pornhub blocks all of Utah from its site.

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
then enjoy the fuzzy love of The Poozycat Project :

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The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion.

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