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The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion.

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I Will Survive

One of the strongest traits among humans is self-preservation. Our entire civilization is based on that. Farming, infrastructure, housing, medicine, playing the accordion - they're all part and parcel of making our lives better and longer and happier.

The Republican political stance on abortion is the exact  opposite of self-preservation. It's as close to legalized murder as you can get. They are pointing their bloody fingers at half the American population and saying "You might have a medical problem that can be easily resolved but we'd rather that you died so that we can get brownie points from voters who are easily frightened into committing atrocities because they believe in Bronze age fairy tales about a man who lives in the clouds and watches them masturbate."

As anyone with a normally-functioning cerebral cortex understands, no matter how hard the Republican Party may try they will never, ever, eliminate abortion. All they're doing is assuring women will die from illegal abortions.


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Lefty News for April 28, 2023

Abortion bans fail in South Carolina and Nebraska.

DeSantis loses his shit when questioned about being a Guantanamo Bay torturer.

Minnesota enshrines abortion and gender-affirming care into state law. Noice!

McCarthy's budget gives big middle-finger to veterans.

Mike Pence testifies about his big, fat, orange buddy's part in the January 6th insurrection.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Soldier: My enemy must die so that I can survive the war.
Heart patient: A complete stranger must die so their heart will let me survive.
Woman: The blastocyst stuck in my fallopian tube must die so that I can survive.
GOP: And she's got to die so that I can survive my next round of Heritage Foundation campaign funding.

The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion.

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