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The progressive editorial cartoon about fast food.

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Bad Eatin'

Yes, there are more important topics I could have covered today than fast food (Chinese balloons not inc.) but, without doubt, what we eat is vitally important to not only our individual health but the health of the entire planet as well. Less animal protein, more lentils and chick peas, please.

Cards on the table: I love me some bean burritos from Taco Bueno.


This past weekend I was asked twice, by two different women, why Republicans are so Hell-bent against abortion. In both cases I couldn't easily answer the question because nothing about the GOP makes sense.

After some pondering I came up with an answer. Kinda. So get ready for some of Uncle Lefty's Nutshell American History.

(The following engages is MASSIVE amounts of generalization written from an unavoidably entitled-White-person viewpoint. If you desire a deeper dive into historical specifics, please visit your local library. They look forward to seeing you.)

I'm going to begin in agrarian America (Sure, why not?) when children were like Chinese appliances. Good to have around, useful for small tasks, cheap to make but no telling how long they'd last. And when one broke you just made another because the manufacturer offered no warranty. It also made sense to have spares handy.

Then industrialization rolled around and the middle-class arrived, and the first thing the plebes wanted to do was emulate the rich who, because of complicated inheritance laws, kept their ninos to a minimum. Wealthy people even went so far as to create "nurseries" for their precious little gene pools instead of just setting them free each morning like a pack of poodles. Suburbia soon followed architectural suit.

Post-war WWII America was awash in horniness and thus the Baby Boom exploded in its midst. It coincidentally arrived alongside impressive advances in medical science that saved many young lives, but it came with a cost. Namely... cost.

The children of the Baby Boom began having children of their own and it soon became clear that the average salary wasn't up to the task of patching up little Billy every time he experimented with Newtonian physics on his new Schwinn. Nor curing the many new and varied ailments which afflicted young bodies as a result of exposure to capitalist toxins that saturated the air and poisoned the waters.

Children then became precious objects, likes Faberge eggs, as family size declined. Protective measures like mandatory bike helmets ensued. Parental helicoptering became the norm. Eventually Americans reached a phase that George Carlin referred to as "child worship".

Corporate America and their right-wing buddies noticed the increased caution. So it was about this time that "Think of the children" became the GOP's battle cry. And they applied it liberally, especially to even the most fundamental aspects of human development... conception, gestation and birth. Purely for reasons of political power, too, not out of any real concern for the kiddies. Of this much the history is clear.

(To be certain, the lives of our young are important and we should protect them as best as we are able, but Republicans deem their lives more important than the mother herself. And that's insanity. That's madness.)

So here we are, several generations of Americans deep into this Conservative ad campaign that preys on guilt. An insincere, hypocritical ploy by Conservatives that will always work. Which is why American women, to abuse an old saying, will cut off their noses to spite another women's idea of freedom. These "other women" are abstracts to them but the babies they carry, well, Jesus needs 'em. Every damn one of them.

As long as Americans, especially American women, keep falling for this Mount Everest of emotional swill this country will never be free of guns, or racial conflict, or income inequality or any of a thousand things, big and small, that would truly make this country great again.

Addendum: I'm not letting men off the hook here, but the minds of male misogynist bastards will never be swayed by any reasonable argument I could possibly concoct.


Final note: Disregarding for a moment all the unfortunate Justin Roiland news, if you enjoy "Rick and Morty" then check out "Gary and His Demons". It's in its second season. How did I miss this?


end rant

News & Notes for February 16, 2023

Trump grand jury recommends perjury indictments.

Republicans still playing stupid games with the COVID epidemic.

Republicans still playing stupid games with the lives of trans people.

FBI to investigate dozens of deaths at Harris County jail.

Racist dupe sentenced to life in prison.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about fast food.

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