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The progressive editorial cartoon about the important events of February 2023.

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The February Follies

February is always a short month but here are some cartoonable topics that didn't make the list, mostly because some things don't lend themselves easily to anything but REALLY dark humor:

Evidence of ancient lake found on Mars.
California drought kills 36 millions trees.
SpaceX blocks Ukraine access to satellites.
Burt Bacharach dies.
Raquel Welch dies.
Magnitude 7.8 earthquake hits Turkey and Syria.
Bed Bath & Beyond closes most stores.
Ohio measles outbreak contained.
Mustang Mach-E has 1.6 kilometers too much wiring.
Ron DeSantis releases book.
Coldest windchill in U.S. ever recorded: -108F
Grammy: best album "Harry's House".
LeBron James becomes all-time NBA leading scorer.
Exxon and Shell report combined record profits of $100 billion dollars.
Peyton Gendron sentenced to life in prison.
Kevin McCarthy gives J6 security footage to Fox News.
Jimmy Carter enters hospice.
Joe Manchin declares he's not a Democrat.
GOP ousts Ilhan Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee.
Missouri allows recreational cannabis sales.
Mike Pence found to possess classified docs.
DeSantis gets into pissing contest with Disney.


Keith Olberman has been recently opining that President Biden ought to sling Trump and his secessionist scum-suckers into the hoosegow immediately using the Insurrection Act.

You know.... before Trump (and the Fascist Propaganda Machine) steals the White House again and uses the Act to kill us all.

BTW, according to the Act Trump and his pals should already be excluded from future elections as the language is pretty specific on who is liable. The Courts have fuck-all to do with determining its intent as it clearly states that Congress, and only Congress, can reinstate a candidacy on a 2/3 vote.


Biden and Trump are total opposites.

Trump has undeniable charisma (if you're a mentally-addled hillbilly sister-fucker) but knows nothing about politics.

On the flip side of this coin, Joe knows where all the political bodies are buried and which incantations are best recited for getting legislation approved, but is about as exciting as celery salt.

That being said, I could use another four years of Joe and 20-40 years of Trump in the state pen.


Special Announcement: Be here on Monday, peeps, as I'll have a subjectively indecent proposition for you. Have a great weekend, ya'll!


end rant

Lefty News for December 8th, 2023

Democrats introduce bill banning hedge funds from owning single-family homes.

School board member sworn in on pile of banned books because fuck you Moms For Liberty.

Judge grants pregnant woman permission to spit in Greg Abbott's ignorant-ass eye.

President Joe Biden is doing a pretty goddamn good job.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson caught saying the quiet, Christo-fascist stuff out loud.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

A look back at February 2023
Egg prices spike to record highs
Toxic train crash in Palestine, Ohio
160,000 protest against Bibi Netanyahu in Tel Aviv
Trump takes the 5th over 400 times in fraud case
Newest economic report: Crazy Good! (Biden: Not bad for an old guy.)
Radioactive capsule lost in Australia(kangaroo pouch)
Blizzard conditions hits Los Angeles
Ozzy Osbourne retires
Dilbert dumped due to Scott Adams' racist video.

The progressive comic about the important news of February 2023.

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