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Raging Pencils 2010 Year In Review

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Future Tense

falling apartCartoonist Berke Breathed was still in his thirties when he drew a semi-autobiographical Bloom County cartoon wherein his nose fell off due to some inherent decrepitude. I have no doubt that the sentiment was truly heartfelt but I thought he was moaning rather self-piteously for someone still in the relatively fulsome bloom of life

As for me, the year 2010 will be best remembered as the year my nose fell off. Not literally, though I've definitely stopped believing that I am immortal. I'm now more immortal-ish. I'll spare you the gory details but, frankly, I'm surprised I've lasted this long without the need of drugs, prosthetics or live-in nurses to get me through the day. I'm happy to report that I can still prepare my own gruel, cut up my own meat and wipe my own butt, thank you very much.

No matter. I'm not near as frightened by what Ma Nature has in store for me in 2011 as the Republican Congress.

Bring it on.


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2010: Raging Pencils YEAR IN REVIEW
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